Keegan Allen Talks ‘’ and ‘Pretty Little Liars’

Most fans of Pretty Little Liars will recognize Keegan Allen as Toby Cavanaugh, Rosewood’s newest police officer and Spencer Hasting’s other-half, but Keegan is way more than a cute face and nice abs. He’s also an uber-talented photographer as proven in his newly released book,

Keegan recently visited Atlanta for a book signing and meet-and-greet with fans, but before that, he swung by FanBolt’s office for a little chat about what to expect from his new book, what he hopes fans take away from it and, of course, we squeezed some PLL chat in there as well.

Although he’s more well-known as an actor, Keegan has a longstanding history with expressing himself through photography. “Long before I ever started my formal training as an actor, I was very, very into photography,” he told us. “I would keep a photojournal, similar to how we all share on social media with photos instantaneously… I was using a very archaic version of that sharing and it was in a composition notebook that I called Life and Love, and… the element of beauty was later introduced because it’s something that we all perceive differently.

“I got into wanting to share that at a very young age, around 10 years old I was taking photos and it developed into a photojournal that I’ve kept since then. I’ve taken lots of candid on and off-set photos of my peers, colleagues, co-stars and other people I’ve worked with on various productions as well as portraiture, architecture and nature” may be a look into Keegan’s life and world, but he’s confident that everything portrayed inside the book will still resonate with people and speak to their own individual life experiences as well. “If anything they’re going to learn something about themselves because the book, even though it’s very personal it’s not didactic in the way that it makes you feel something. I’m not trying to make anybody feel anything. But I do appreciate that there’s an interaction and maybe they’ll learn something about the behind-the-scenes photos or they’ll see something about me that maybe they can latch onto or stitch to their heart.”

The title of the book explains exactly what readers will be observing once they flip open the pages and begin to take in the photos. “These elements of our existence. We go through life as human beings and our existence is based on these three fundamental ideas of life, the absence of it or beginning of it or creation of it; love, the absence and creation of it, the falling in and out of love and also our perception of what we believe is beautiful.”

Pretty Little Liars fans will be happy to know that photos of the girls are among those that made it into the book, and when we asked Keegan what he could tell us about the show’s season finale he revealed, “We get a full arc on all of these characters… With Spencer and Toby there’s an arc, with Hanna and Caleb there’s an arc, with Emily and this new girl Talia there’s an arc, an amazing one and it still goes back to learning more about Alison, learning more about what’s going on, what’s in the barrel. But there’s a reason for this and it’s a big, big reason that ends up explaining everything to the audience. And in true Pretty Little Liars fashion, give the audience information and it’s for them to know and not for the characters to know…It’s a huge finale and it’s something we’ve never done before. Everyone’s going to freak out for sure.” Hows that for a tease!

You can watch the rest of our interview with Keegan to see what else he dished about his new book and Pretty Little Liars below!

Check back next Tuesday for an additional interview with Keegan where we only ask him your fan questions! See if your Twitter or Facebook name was picked as a question Keegan answered.

Be sure to purchase Keegan’s book, for sale in stores and online now, and catch a new episode of Pretty Little Liars, tonight at 8pm on ABC Family.

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