Miley Cyrus Isn’t a Fan of Rodeo Drive


Miley Cyrus avoids shopping on Beverly Hills’ famously luxurious Rodeo Drive to avoid clashing with snooty store assistants, like Julia Roberts’ character in Pretty Woman.

The star is known for her unique and frequently outlandish sense of style, but she recently admitted to Australia’s Sunday Style magazine that she hates shopping, especially on one of the most famous fashion streets in the world.

Speaking of Rodeo Drive, Cyrus said shopping on the street would be a “Big mistake. Big. Huge!”

The pop star often recalls Roberts’ iconic scene in the hit 1990 film when she makes her own visits to Rodeo Drive, in which the actress plays a scantily-clad prostitute who attempts to purchase a dress from one of the opulent stores but is turned away by judgmental saleswomen.

Cyrus says, “You’ve seen Pretty Woman, obviously. Well, they are actually like that. If you walk in, they give you the worst look you’ve ever seen, and I am too outspoken to deal with those kinds of people.”

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