Phelps Offered Recurring Role On Entourage

Olympic swimming champion MICHAEL PHELPS has been offered a recurring role on hit U.S. TV show ENTOURAGE after impressing the cast and crew with a recent cameo appearance.

The eight-time gold medal winner landed a role on the series when he happened to walk by the New York City set and producers offered him a part, as himself, in a scene with actor Kevin Connolly.

And Connolly’s co-star’s are keen to get Phelps back in front of the camera.

Actor Jeremy Piven says, “I could see him coming back as one of the boys. I can see (my character) Ari being very aggressive in recruiting him to represent him and also stopping at nothing to poach him from another client. That’s what Ari would do.”

Show creator Doug Ellin doesn’t seem opposed to the idea, admitting he was stunned by the mass hysteria that ensued when Phelps was spotted by fans on the street.

Ellin adds: “It was the coolest thing in the world. When he showed up, I’m not exaggerating, city buses stopped and people started yelling and within five minutes we couldn’t even shoot.”

Phelps’ Entourage episode debuts in America on 7 September (08).



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