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‘iZombie’ 1.05 Episode Recap and Review: Flight of the Living Dead

‘iZombie’ 1.05 Episode Recap and Review: Flight of the Living Dead


Another week, another body. This time, Liv and Ravi have been called to a scene out in the woods where a skydiver has been impaled on a tree branch. It’s hard to get an ID from the ground, so Liv is caught off balance when she learns that the deceased is an old sorority sister of hers, Holly Wolf. She was jumping with a group sponsored by the Max Rager energy drink, and her death looks like a pretty cut-and-dried accident, but one of her jump partners is convinced that something else was up (or down, as the case may be).

Holly was a bit of a wild child and was eventually voted out of Liv and Peyton’s sorority, but she was a good friend and Liv feels like she owes it to Holly to find out if there was more to her death than just a tragic accident. Holly’s brains become the plat du jour and Liv dives into the mystery. Her first flash is of Lowell Casey, one of the other divers and the one who was supposed to dive before Holly, freaking out in the plane. It’s not much, but it’s enough to convince Liv that she should get Clive to look into it.

Clive brings Lowell in for questioning on the QT, as Holly’s death hasn’t officially been ruled a murder yet. Lowell admits that he had issues just before the jump and asked Holly to dive first. What he can’t explain is why he disappeared for 30 minutes after his own jump. He’s confident that the dive footage will clear him, but it turns out that Max Rager had all of the footage destroyed. While Clive is out of the room, Lowell starts hitting on Liv pretty hard.

Clive and Liv question the rest of the Max Rager team at the precinct, as well. Carson, the head of the team, had a brief fling with Holly six months ago, but it’s been over for a while. That doesn’t mean that his girlfriend Eliza, one of the Max Rager execs, wasn’t still jealous, though. During Carson’s interrogation, Liv flashes on one of Holly’s memories of catching Carson in bed with one of his other teammates, a young man named Ren.

When the Lieutenant gets wind of Clive’s off-the-books investigation, he’s more than a little ticked off. He tells Clive that Homicide investigates what’s on the Homicide board, and nothing else. Fortunately, Liv turns up with a new piece of information from Holly’s autopsy. Holly died with GHB in her system. Given the timing, it would have had to have been administered while she was on the plane, so Holly’s death is now officially a murder.

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