I Need That Look! ‘iZombie’ Episode 1.06- Virtual Reality Bites

Liv Moore’s style has changed exponentially since she joined the ranks of the undead and watching her style choices on iZombie from week to week get more and more interesting.

This week, the piece that caught my eye was a jacket that the fashion forward lady-zombie (zombess?) wore. The first thing about the Loden Jacquard Moto Jacket that stood out to me was its deep wine color. It’s the kind of jacket that accents an outfit. It can break up the monotony of any all black ensemble, but can also be paired with a cute skirt.

The tailored moto jacket is from Saturday/Sunday, Anthropologie’s exclusive loungewear line focusing on ease-of-wear, meaning the jacket is as comfy as it is cute. Great news for all girls who know that cute fashion often comes at the price of comfort.

The jacket runs for $128.00 and is currently sold out on the Anthropologie website, but a quick Google search revealed it is currently for sale on eBay (if you can fit an XS).

Do you prefer Liv’s pre or post zombie style? Let us know what you thought of her looks this week in the comments below!

Photo Credit: The CW


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