Eloise Mumford Chats ‘Fifty Shades of Grey’ Filming and Teases ‘Fifty Shades Darker’

Fifty Shades of Grey is out on DVD today with a slew of bonus features and exclusives (on the Blu-ray) for fans to check out. In anticipation of the release, we were able to chat with Eloise Mumford, who plays Anastasia’s roommate Kate in the film.

“It’s really rare to get the opportunity to be in a movie that has such a huge fanbase already. The books were such a massive success and such a global phenomenon, that was really appealing to me – to be a part of something that would have such a broad reach.” Eloise commented, explaining her initial attraction to the project. “I also think the character, Kate, is a really cool person, and I looked forward to the opportunity to play her. I just felt really lucky to be involved.”

Eloise had read the books before she started filming, and she admitted that doing so allowed her to get a much clearer picture of her character.

“I read the first book in preparation for the audition, and then I read the next two books after I had been cast – but before we started shooting,” Eloise explained. “It’s cool to get a sort of roadmap of your character, it’s rare to get that level of backstory on your character.

Eloise in Fifty Shades of Grey

In case you haven’t read Fifty Shades Darker or Fifty Shades Freed, you may be wondering if we’ll be seeing more of Eloise’s Kate in the upcoming films. The answer? Yes!

“Kate gets her own love story, because she falls in love with Christian’s brother, Elliot,” Eloise revealed. “And their relationship keeps getting… stronger and stronger.”

The tone in which Eloise said “stronger and stronger” made me inquire about whether she was going to have some “risqué” scenes to film in the upcoming movies. Eloise laughed and then gave me a relationship spoiler to those that haven’t read the books. If you know the books, you know what’s coming, if you don’t and want to – check out the books. It’s a spoiler-free zone here!

It was no secret to fans that the two leads, Dakota Johnson and Jamie Dornan had a number of rather “intimate” scenes to film together. As Dakota and Jamie chatted with press prior to the film’s release, they spoke about how certain scenes were uncomfortable to film. While Eloise’s character Kate didn’t have any of those more “intense” scenes, I was still curious what the vibe was like on set for her.

“I think what’s really cool about the DVD is that there is a lot of behind-the-scenes footage, so fans will get to see first-hand what it was like on set,” Eloise answered. “We all had a lot of fun making this movie. Obviously parts of it are very dark – there’s a lot of intimate stuff, so that required a lot of humor and good-natured fun on set to sort of balance that out. From day one, we had a really great time. It was a great experience, and I think people will really like seeing that.”

Eloise in Fifty Shades of Grey 2

Since I hadn’t had a chance to check out the DVD extras at the time I interviewed Eloise, I was curious as to what she could tease in terms of the additional special features. Aside from the behind-the-scenes content, what could fans expect in terms of deleted scenes?

“There’s a whole bunch of stuff on the DVD extras that I think people are going to be psyched to see. I don’t want to give away too much, because I think people will get to explore that on their own,” Eloise answered. “There’s an alternate ending which will be really cool for people to see – and I think aside from being able to watch the movie in the comfort of your own home, which I think a lot of people will appreciate, there’s a lot more for fans to explore on the DVD.”

As a side note, I checked out the extras last night. If you loved the film, then you’ll love the extras too. There’s a lot more to explore – my only complaint was that there wasn’t more of a tease for Fifty Shades Darker. However, seeing as how they haven’t begun production on it yet, it’s understandable that there wasn’t a lot to work with.

What’s next for Eloise? She’s writing a script that she’s really excited about wrapping up and getting out, and she also has a romantic comedy on the horizon called The Night is Young – not to mention the upcoming Fifty Shades films.

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Haven’t experienced the worldwide phenomenon yet? Or want to experience it again? Fifty Shades of Grey is out on Blu-ray and DVD today!

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