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Kirsten Prout On ‘The Lying Game’, Fan Feedback, And More!

Kirsten Prout On ‘The Lying Game’, Fan Feedback, And More!


We had the chance to chat with Kirsten Prout about The Lying Game! Kirsten admitted to us she’s been getting overwhelming positive feedback from fans on Char, and that her beautiful hair on the show is the product of the show’s stylist! Check out our chat with her below!

Had you read the books before or since getting the role?

Kirsten: Not before getting the role, no. I believe they were just in the process of coming out, initially. But I was really excited to just know that we were affiliated with Sara Shepard because she’s got a lot of merit behind her books and the Pretty Little Liars series is quite a wonderful show to be affiliated with. I was just really interested in reading the books. One thing the viewer should know is we do take departures from the book. But I think we’re really true to the main message and I think fans of the books will definitely get excited about the show even if the storylines aren’t exactly the same.

What have fans been saying to you about the new role or I assume you’ve heard lots of things from them?

Kirsten: You know, I love the feedback of my fans. When I did My Super Psycho which we’re going to be doing the third one probably on the hiatus, but we talk a lot and I really do care what my fans have to say. The reaction to Char has been overwhelmingly positive. And I’ve really appreciated all the encouragement and all the positive words that have been sent to me. I’m really happy my fans love Char even if they do miss Amanda dearly.

Will we be seeing any of Char getting a love interest at all? I know the hot guys in the show are a big commodity for you.

Kirsten: I know. Well, she’s definitely always trying. She’s chasing. But in episode three we’re going to see Char have a little bit of a little spark but it may not be the best spark for her. So, you guys are going to have to tune in. But it gets a little shifty.

So far, Char seems very sweet. But will we be seeing a mischievous side to you? Will there be any lying games played by Char?

Kirsten: Well, that, I can’t answer. But I think you do see many different sides of Char during the show. I think she definitely has a managerial and show runner little streak that you’ll see her bossiness come out.

A lot of fans have commented that they love your hair and they were wondering if your hair is like that in real life?

Kirsten: Well, considering I have bed head right now not at every moment in real life. But, yes, for sure I will wear my hair curly and I do have blonde hair. But I do not have a professional stylist with me at all times. So I will get my occasional flyaway where Char would be caught dead before she had a flyaway. So, I’m not always perfect. But I do have similar hair.

Is there anything you’d like to tease the fans or like a certain character or story that they should look forward to without giving anything away?

Kirsten: Well, I do think you should keep your eye on Emma and Ethan because that’s one of my favorite aspects of the show. I think you guys are going to love their storyline and where the show is going with it and that whole romance. I think fans should definitely keep an eye on that.

Also, the mystery, really pay close attention to the little hints that are dropped. The show drops clues everywhere and sometimes it’s hard to pick up on them or they seem like completely unrelated little snippets. But pay attention because they’ll always come out in a few episodes ahead. And you’ll figure out, oh, man, that little clues could really help you start figuring out something in Emma’s past. So, I’d keep an eye on that too.

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