Are ‘The Walking Dead’ Co-Stars Emily Kinney and Norman Reedus Dating?

The Walking Dead fans everywhere are geeking out because there are indeed rumblings of a fan fiction-gone-real relationship between stars Norman Reedus and Emily Kinney, who play Darryl Dixon and gone-too-soon Beth Greene in the series.

Us Magazine was the first to report the news, saying they’ve received confirmation from a source close to the pair.

“They had a connection early on in the show,” the source reportedly told the site, “but the romance developed recently. They’re still pretty guarded about it.”

Also according to the site, “After Kinney’s character, Beth, was shockingly killed off in 2014, she and Reedus, 46, who plays zombie hunter Daryl, stayed in touch through texts, appearances at fan conventions (the two are scheduled to appear at the Walker Stalker Con event in Orlando, Fla., on June 27 and 28), and at Kinney’s music gigs. Says the source, “He was one of the first to support her at her concerts when she was still on the show.”

We aren’t completely sold on the reports just yet, and we doubt we’ll be getting a confirmation from either party, so it’ll be interesting to see how this story continues to develop. Either way, we’ll keep you posted!

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