Comic-Con 2015: Submit Your Fan Questions for the Cast of ‘The Originals’

The Originals returns for Season 3 on October 8th (finally sharing a night with The Vampire Diaries), but if you’re a superfan we know you can’t wait that long…Lucky for you, we’ve got your back!

We’ll be sitting down with cast members Joseph Morgan, Daniel Gillies, Phoebe Tonkin, Charles Michael Davis, Leah Pipes, Danielle Campbell and Yusuf Gatewood, as well as executive producers Julie Plec and Michael Narducci this Friday at San Diego Comic-Con to chat about the new season.

From new villains to new relationships, we’ll be asking all about what fans can expect in The Originals upcoming third season. And since FanBolt is by the fans, for the fans, we want your questions! Let us know what questions you want us to ask, and we will ask as many of them as we can! Just post them in our comment section below.

Be sure to follow our Editor-in-Chief Emma Loggins on Twitter at @EmmaLoggins (and Instagram) for exclusive photos along with the answers to your fan submitted questions! Next week when we return to Atlanta, we’ll have the full videos from the press rooms up!

Post your questions below, and keep checking back to see your question gets asked!

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    1. Most likely after he and Cami get together..but I wouldn’t count on it I don’t think Hayley would ever want to be with him after he cursed her

  1. Can you ask about Klaus and Caroline aka Klaroline pleasee? We’re still waiting for their epic reunion!Thank you so much!

  2. after seeing flarrow’s success and network bumping TO after TVD on the same night, will they finally connect back the shows and try to gain back the viewer they have lost?? TVD rooted dynamics were very essential to Originals’ popularity after all, to this day klaroline remains to be one of the most popular pairings of the network, capitalizing that appeal could possibly work out for them, who knows? 😉

  3. Can you please ask about any possible cross overs? We know Klaus is very busy in NOLA but maybe Caroline goes to him this time? Thank you!

  4. Why have they copied klaroline scenes with cami and klaus? and also why have they tried to replicate their (KC) relationship and made cami a weaker version of caroline ?

  5. We know that it has been previously said that the originals is not about ships, so why are they pushing for a klaus and cami romantic relationship when it is quite out of character for klaus, and also contradicts the klaus and caroline storyline they have written? A friendship would be more favourable

    ——– Side note/suggestion : If the originals is not about ships please refrain from making klaus and cami have a “thing” as it does nothing for the overall storyline- and also has a 1% fan support ratio to 99% klaroline (for klaus ships). If klaroline is not organic, then klami is definitely not.(the compelling etc)—-

  6. When will Klaus and Hayley Klayley have their time for romance? We are waiting for them to fall in love

  7. Please ask:
    1. What will be the new impending power threatening the Original Family now that Dahlia and Esther are gone?
    2. Now that Klaus isn’t faced with ancient witches and powers constantly attacking him, do you think he has time for Caroline?
    3. Will Hope’s powers be used the same as the doppelgängers in the Vampite Diaries?
    4. Will there be a push for crossovers between the Vampire Diaries and the Originals now that they’re leading lady, Nina Dobrev, is gone?

  8. Ask them how they feel about the fact that KLAROLINE GOT 1.7MILLION VOTES FOR THE TCA NOMINATIONS FOR BEST CHEMISTRY! The highest out of all tv ships !!!

  9. Now that The Vampire diaries and The Originals air on the same day, are there any chances of crossovers? And what will happen to Klaus’s redemption which is obviously linked to Caroline. Duh.

  10. Hi, I’m one fan who really wants Klaus and Hayley to end up together in the series. Is there still a chance for them to begin a romance once they’ve overcome their issues? I know every love story has their ups and downs

  11. 1. Will kol come back in his original body
    2. Are we going to see finn
    3. Is there a chance that we will see any more mikaelsons like henrick
    4. What is freya going to be doing now that dahliha has gone.
    5. Are there going to be any crossovers with tvd

  12. Hi we want to see Klayley we know they will fight and at the end they will come back to each other but in the season 3 will they have a romance ?

  13. We know Klayley can’t happen right now. But is there hope for the future? Julie Plec said Klaus cares Hayley more than he knows.

  14. Is klaroline possible now? We know caroline is the only person he’s cared for will they bring that back in now that klaus is not as busy in NOLA and the shows are on the same day??

  15. Do they know about the multiple World Wide Trends Klaroline has had this past month and the fact that we were at first place and had 1.7 MILLION nominations for this years teen choice awards?? And what they think about it? Xxx

  16. Are we going to see some more of the mikaelson family elegance, class and sophistication again and really feel their presence, similar to season 3 of the vampire diaries? As they’ve kinda been too busy to throw lavish parties, are we going to see them having more fun?

  17. Are they aware of how large the klaroline fandom is? And all the wwt trends and the billboards we have got made? I think they’re are 6 klaroline billboards :)))) also the 1.7million nominations… And with this information do they think that it would be valuable to have klaroline currently on the originals because of its massive potential and astounding popularity after almost 2 years without a single scene? -Thank youuuuu

  18. Where is the king klaus and queen hayley?where is the throne,crown??when iare we see klayley wolf form-fight-sex?? We rae waiting klayley sons a jofrey anf ramsey (GOT)

  19. Will Klaus and Hayley come together and work out their problems? Is there still a chance for romance for them in the future?

  20. Now that Davina is Regent, will it affect her relationship with Marcel at all? They seemed rather distant last season so will this new change in status bring them closer together somehow or tear them further apart?

  21. 1. Will we learn more about Cami’s backstory?
    2. Will we see more of the Marcel, Cami and Davina friendship? As it was missed last season
    3. Will Elijah find a way to cure Hayley?
    4. Will Cami and Vincent be like Sherlock and Watson when they investigate the new vampire?
    5. Will we see the girls of TO working together more and forming great friendships?
    6. Will Klaus stop running away and finally tell Cami how he feels?
    7. Narducci said Cami will help Klaus discover other sides of himself, will it be anything fun?
    8. Will being leader of the factions cause a rift between Marcel and Davina?
    9. Klaus said he would find a way to make it up to Cami, will we see that?
    10. Will we see Vincent’s dark magic parents?
    11. Now that Cami has embraced her family’s legacy will she become leader of the human faction?
    12. Will Hayley ever choose Elijah over Jackson?
    13. Will Marcel and Cami have bigger storylines that don’t involve love interests?
    14. Will Davina ever let go of her hate for the Mikaelsons?
    15. Will Klaus and Cami kiss this season?
    16. Will we see more of Klaus and Cami’s soul connection?

  22. Michael Narducci said Klaus and Cami won’t be a couple just yet. So where does that leave their relationship right now? How much longer can they pretend to be just friends?

  23. Anything about Klaus and Camille . Also anything about Cami storyline next season. Will she start embracing the o’connell ‘ s legacy?

  24. Klaus said he would have found Cami no matter what the circumstances were. So are they more than friends? Did Klaus practically say they were soul mates?

    1. When Klamille’s relationship start ? I ship them so much 🙂 … and Leah is great actress and Joseph talented actor ~~~ I love them so much… thank you guys for your work, love you all ~~~ ^_^ :*

  25. 1-Now that it’s obvious that both Klaus and Cami have feeling for each others will they both finally make a move this season toward each others?

    2-Will we see some flashback from Cami past or will we maybe see someone from her past coming to new orleans?

    3-Will we learn more about Cami legacy that she got after her uncle Kieran die?

    4-Will we have some funny scene between Elijah and Cami like in the last season?

    5-Will Cami stay human or will she discovers some hiding power from her family legacy?

    PS:Keep doing such a great job guys cuz your are all so good at it 🙂

  26. I have a question..when is Klaus going to admit his feelings for Cami to himself since she already admitted her feelings for him already. I mean it’s obvious that he does so we are all waiting for him to admit to himself now

  27. When will Klaus stop using the bartender as a distraction from his feelings for Hayley? In every scene where Klaus gets upset over Hayley or relating to her he goes and runs to the bartender. Is it a deflection?

  28. Now that it’s clear that Klaus and Cami have feeling for each others my first question is;:
    Will they finally stop running and admit to each others their feeling?

    Also when Klaus said to Cami that he would have found her…does it mean that for Klaus they are soulmate? (I really hope so…that plot could be so good if Klaus or Cami discovers that they are meant for each others) 🙂

    Also,Will we see or learn anything from Cami past or from her mysterious familly legacy?

    Also will Klaus before admitting his feeling for Cami will show some jealousy toward others men close to Cami?

    And finally will this new human who’s coming to new orleans will have some interest or background story with cami?

  29. Will Klaus ever confess he has feelings for Hayley? He has everyone in his family fooled that he doesn’t but we all know the truth.

  30. Please when will Klaus and Hayley be back on good terms and reconcile their friendship hopefully leading to something more? Im on my knees begging for an answer.

  31. Does Klaus have feelings for Hayley he isn’t willing to admit to himself?

    Will Klaus let Hayley see Hope during full moons?

    Is the reason Klaus is so guarded around Hayley because he knows if he lets her in he could fall in love with her? Is that the reason he pushes her away and instils in her that he doesn’t care?

    Will Klaus stop using the human and just confront his feelings for Hayley already?

    Does Klaus realize that Hayley is his true love and soulmate?

  32. Please ask about Klaus and Hayley
    They had created a beautiful relationship and after she married Jackson everything changed.Why they can’t just talk and cooperate?Why they can’t be honest and not stubborn?

  33. Ask about Klayley and anything and hope and the new vampires coming in town. Why are people saying that hope will Camille mum because that fuck up if she does. Please ask

  34. Klaus has basically told Cami she’s his soulmate, and it’s clear he has strong feelings for her but refuses to act on them for obvious reasons. What could change that? What might cause him to finally stop running away from what he wants?

    Will the show explore Cami’s family history/legacy any further? Will we ever get to meet her parents?

    Will the show continue to explore Elijah’s Red Door?

    I’d love to see the friendships between the female characters explored further. Will there be more combined “girlpower” in season 3?

    Can we find out a bit more about the new characters?

  35. Why do the scripts seemingly set up some kind of real intimacy between Klaus and Haykey when the whole cast and crew is hell bent on denying it?

    Do fan opinions really mean squat? Or do they just go in through one ear and out the other?

  36. Is there a chance of Kayley happening any time soon? And do phoebe and Joseph like where their characters are heading in terms of their relationship with each other?

  37. Who will be like a mother to hope while Hayley is trapped in wolf form?
    If you could be another character who would you be and why?

  38. Is it planned that the fans of the Klaroline are finally rewarded one day with regard to the wait which we have since the season 3 ?