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Paul Wesley, Kat Graham and More of ‘The Vampire Diaries’ Cast Talk Moving on in Season 7

Paul Wesley, Kat Graham and More of ‘The Vampire Diaries’ Cast Talk Moving on in Season 7


The Vampire Diaries returned to Comic-Con this year to talk to about how the show will continue with all of the tragedy it faced last season.

All hands were on deck for the first post-Elena Comic-Con experience. Ian Somerhalder, Paul Wesley, Candice Accola, Kat Graham, Michael Malarkey as well as executive producers Julie Plec and Caroline Dries happily talked to reporters about what’s next for the citizens, alive and undead, of Mystic Falls.

Things We Learned About ‘The Vampire Diaries’ at Comic-Con 2015

  • Look out for a new character overload! EP Caroline Dries confirmed that the show “will be introducing 5 new characters in one scene.”
  • “I badly want to do a crossover. I don’t know if we will this season. It’s just very hard to coordinate the logistics.” – EP Caroline Dries on a The Vampire Diaries/ The Originals crossover
  • Elena’s memory will be properly honored in the upcoming season.
  • Hey Damon fans. DO NOT look for him to move on with ANYONE anytime soon. “It would be throwing away six seasons of story if we gave Damon a new love interest right away. We do want to see Damon happy, but for the time being no new love interest,” said Caroline Dries.
  • “The deals have not closed yet. But hot with a capital H. 3 very beautiful and smart women, and then a couple of gentleman that aren’t so bad to look at either.” – EP Julie Plec on how hot the new characters will be.
  • “Damon and Bonnie really bonded. They shared something that no one else can ever understand.” – EP Julie Plec
  • Bonnie is saddled with the guilt that she has her life and her friend doesn’t have her’s.
  • “If Damon and Bonnie’s friendship is going to stay on track, they have a lot of work to do.” – EP Julie Plec
  • Caroline ‘s storyline will be front and center this season. It sounds like her troubles are nowhere near over yet.
  • Michael Malarkey said that Enzo’s big dilemma this season will be choosing a side.
  • “We see a time jump with Enzo and it shows his love life. It might be someone we know.” – Michael Malarkey
  • Caroline is still grieving the death of her mother, but will try and  distract herself with her friendship with Stefan, which can only work for so long until that gets complicated as well.
  • “It will be more challening than Caroline realizes to find out what kind of “ship” she has with Stefan.” – Candice Accola
  • Caroline will not be showing up The Originals as of right now ,  and Candice Accola admitted she isn’t sure about whether or not Caroline would want to reunite with Klaus anytime soon. “I don’t know if Caroline would want to go visit Klaus. I know everyone else wants her to.”
  • “We have an opportunity to create something new.” – Paul Wesley on Nina Dobrev’s departure
  • Mama Salvatore will still be around causing trouble and could potentially drive Damon and Stefan apart.
  • It sounds like Steroline will be getting, ahem, closer during season 7 as well.  Paul Wesley coyly revealed, “I think Caroline gives Stefan the green light.”
  • Take this one as you will: “You’re going to see Bonnie and Damon dealing with each other directly.” said Kat Graham.
  • Kat Graham revealed that Bonnie’s goals for the new season will be discovered quickly when the show returns. “You’re going to see what Bonnie wants for the season in the first episode.” – Kat Graham
  • Kat Graham says Bonnie is done with suffering and sacrificing. “She wants to not sacrifice anymore. If she lost all of this she’s going to make it count.” – Kat Graham on Bonnie
  • “You’re dealing with someone who “for the moment” has lost the love of his life.” – Kat Graham on Damon

The Vampire Diaries returns to The CW on Thursday October 8th.

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