I Need That Look! ‘Girl Meets World’ Episode 2.12: Girl Meets the New Teacher

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Riley and Maya learned another valuable lesson in the latest episode of Girl Meets World and, of course, looked pretty adorable doing it.

Riley and Maya were happy to learn that they’d be getting a replacement English teacher and were even more excited when the ultra-cool Harper (yes, she wanted the kids to call her by her first name) walked into the classroom, with her leather jacket and motorcycle helmet, and proceeded to teach…a comic book! The school’s principal was so enraged by this forward-thinking way of teaching that he called the superintendent in hopes of having Harper fired. Little did he (or we) know, that the guy running the school system is none other than Jonathan Turner, Cory and Shawn’s former leather coat wearing, motorcycle riding teacher.

Take a look at our favorite picks from Maya and Riley’s wardrobe this week:


Riley looked super cute in her babydoll dress with embroidered flowers on the front. The harness she wore with it was unexpected, but added a touch of edge to the girly ensemble.


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Maya had a few great looks this episode, but we liked the mustard peasant top she wore best. The light, flowy peasant top is full of boho-inspired details we love including the long bell sleeves, floral embroidery, and ribbon trim.


Maya’s Forever 21 Embroidered Bell-Sleeve Peasant Top is still for sale here, and it’s only $19.90!

Let us know which of the girls’ looks you loved in last week’s episode and look out for a new episode of Girl Meets World this Friday!.

Photo Credit: Disney Channel