‘The Originals’ Adds Rebecca Breeds and Andrew Lees

Two new vamps have joined the cast of The Originals.

The show returns for its third season in October and so far we know that fans will be introduced to the first line of sired vampires, the first vamps that the Originals created, and it looks like the first member (or two?) of that line has been cast.

Andrew Lees has signed on to play Lucien, “a member of Klaus’ sire line who comes to New Orleans with a secret agenda involving Klaus. He’s described as intelligent, charming, wildly successful and at ease with princes and paupers alike. He prides himself on being two steps ahead of everyone else,” according to The Hollywood Reporter.

Another addition to the cast, Rebecca Breed, may or may not be a member of Klaus’ sired line, but either way she sounds like one vamp who you won’t want to mess with. Breed’s character, Aurora is described as “enigmatic” as well as “sexy, seductive, witty and free-spirited.” Aurora is “the life of the party. However, she also has a dark side, and is also known for being malevolent, dangerous and extremely violent.”

Rebecca has alread been receiving tons of love from fans once news of her casting spread:

Look out for Lucien and Aurora to make their first appearances in the show’s season premiere.

The Originals returns to The CW on Thursday October 8th 9:00pm, following The Vampire Diaries season premiere.

Photo Credit: Helga Esteb / Shutterstock.com/ IMDB


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