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Home Entertainment ‘A’ Opens Up About Polarizing ‘Pretty Little Liars’ Reveal
‘A’ Opens Up About Polarizing ‘Pretty Little Liars’ Reveal

‘A’ Opens Up About Polarizing ‘Pretty Little Liars’ Reveal


“A” is speaking out about the huge Pretty Little Liars reveal that has everyone talking.

Tuesday on Pretty Little Liars it was revealed that Cece Drake was the person responsible for the years of torture that the liars went through, and it was all because she was misunderstood (check out our run-down and poll for more details).

A Reveal

‘A’ herself, Vanessa Ray, talked to The Hollywood Reporter about her thoughts on the controversial transgender storyline, what’s next for Charlotte/Cece and more.

Her thoughts on the transgender storyline

“I wondered if it would, honestly — I wondered if it was something I needed to play. But then I was like, “I don’t want to play at this. I don’t want to be, ‘Now I’m playing a boy version. Now, I’m playing a girl version.’ ” I didn’t want to do that, so I did talk to a few friends that are transgender, and I did a lot of research on it and really realized that the core of who you are is who you are, and that, I believe, for Charles is always Charlotte.”

On her reaction to finding out Cece is ‘A’ compared to the fans’ reactions

“There is definitely like a, “Wait a second — what? Are you sure? Is this worth it?” It’s been mixed, certainly, which kind of makes me bummed, but I’m just trying to love them through it. Every fan of this show has a theory about who they think “A” is. Whether you vocalize it or not, you have a strong sense of who you want it to be — who you want to kind of win the prize of “A.” And when you find out that maybe your front contender didn’t win, it’s kind of a letdown, and it’s hard to accept. But I think that sometimes just having the answer is the prize, and hopefully those of us that believed it was CeCe all along won’t gloat too much, and those of us who never thought it was CeCe will be able to keep on keeping on because there are a lot more exciting things to come in the next season.”

On what’s next for Cece

“It’s cool because we get to go five years ahead, so a lot will have changed, and yet a lot of the girls are going to have to be figuring out how to deal with what happened. The thing we know about CeCe is — as far as we know — at the end of this episode, she didn’t die. She’s still alive! For all that she’s done, she might have deserved [to die], but I think that finding almost that humanity in her makes it OK that she lives to see another day.”

Read more of what Vanessa had to say over at The Hollywood Reporter.

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