‘Girl Meets World’ Writers Tease Angela’s Return

The writers of Girl Meets World held a Twitter Q&A on Friday, during which they hinted at the fact that we haven’t seen the last of Shawn’s Boy Meets World ex Angela.

During the recent Q&A session a fan asked whether or not we’d be seeing Angela make a return, to which the writers replied, “Yes Angela will be back. She plays a very important role on the show.”

Many Boy Meets World fans weren’t happy with the way Angela returned initially, feeling like her introduction was forced and she and Shawn’s interaction was a little odd (I mean we wouldn’t necessarily go back to our first love and ask their thoughts on us having a kid with our new husband, but that’s just us). We also didn’t get to see Angela interact with Topanga, her best friend through part of high school and college, so hopefully the character’s return will appease those that were disappointed last time.

Boy Meets World creator Michael Jacobs did tell us during his ATX panel that “You guys are going to kill me for what I did to Shawn and Angela.” (You can read his full thoughts on their relationship here).

We don’t know when Angela will be making a return, but we’ll definitely keep you posted as we learn more.

Photo Credit: Disney Channel