‘The Originals’ Season 3 Trailer Is Filled with Bad Blood

Klaus is in the hot seat and, in prime Klaus-like form, is nowhere near backing down when The Originals returns.

Between outside sources and turmoil within the family, there’s a lot that borders on tearing the Mikaelson siblings apart this season and we get a glimpse of them all in the newly released season three trailer. Not only is there trouble coming from the siblings’ sire lines, but we see a glimpse of a pissed looking Hayley who is a mama wolf looking for her baby and revenge.

“I think more than anything, [Hayley’s] angry that, you know, [Klaus] betrayed her, but more than anything it’s like she misses her kid,” Phoebe Tonkin, who plays Hayley, told us during Comic-Con. “He’s the reason why she’s not with her kid right now and it’s heartbreaking, so I think before she does anything, she’s going to go and be with her baby and then she’s going to plot huge revenge against him.”

Take a look at what else is ahead in the third season, including Klaus flipping out and Davina bleeding from her eyeballs, in the video below:

Is it me, or does it look like Hayley punched Klaus into last century at the :16 mark?

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The Originals returns to The CW on Thursday October 8th 9:00pm, following The Vampire Diaries season premiere.

Photo Credit: The CW


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