‘The Vampire Diaries’ Star Candice King Teases What’s Ahead for Caroline and the Heretics

Caroline is getting in on the Heretic action when The Vampire Diaries returns.

In the new interview with The CW, Candice King, the actress behind the vamp, gives fans some scoop about what to expect from her character when the show returns in two week.

Regardless of how it looks, Caroline definitely isn’t a fan of the Heretics when they “come in causing chaos to Mystic Falls”, but is willing to do what she can to keep drama to a minimum.

“Caroline does not like these Heretics, she does not trust these Heretics,” the actress says in the short interview.

Don’t let the clips fool you. Caroline’s a smart cookie, meaning she may come off friendly to the Heretics, but girl’s definitely got her own motives and plans. “Caroline is definitely the welcome wagon. She’s going to win them over with her wit and her charm… while also blowing them up” King laughs.

Watch Candice tease what else is ahead for Caroline and the Heretics, below:

Candice previously teased that “…when we come back into season seven Caroline’s still grieving the death of her mother and trying to get her own life together and her main goal is to just keep a friendship with Stefan and to distract herself,” said King.

She added that “She’s also trying to combat the heretics and Lily, and she’s very involved in, kind of, that drama. We’re going to see how the town of Mystic Falls gets to be where it is, which is what we got a glimpse of at the end of season six. Caroline will be very busy amidst all the chaos.”

The Vampire Diaries returns to The CW on Thursday October 8th.

Photo Credit: Youtube/The CW


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  1. Can’t wait to see Caroline shine more in season 7, she’s gonna be amazing! I’m also looking forward to her relationship with Stefan, they’re adorable together!

  2. Caroline is my favorite character. I think it’s gonna be great to see her trying to deceive the heretics, good stuff. Stefan and Caroline are also my favorite couple on the show so I’m dying to see more from them. Nice article.

  3. Caroline looks so pretty can’t wait to see season 7. Hoping Steroline work things out as well they are so perfect. ❤️