The Liars Are All Grown Up in First Four Minutes of ‘Pretty Little Liars’ 6B Premiere

The ladies of Pretty Little Liars stopped by New York Comic Con to give fans some juicy details about what they can expect when the show returns with its five-year time jump, including a look at the first four minutes of the premiere.

We already knew that Ali ended up as a teacher at Rosewood High from the 6a finale, but in the first look at the new season, we find out that Spencer’s chasing a career in politics, Aria’s found success in publishing and Hanna is NOT a mom, but is working in the fashion industry (because where else would Hanna work?).

During the panel, fans given all kinds of tidbits about the upcoming season, from confirmation that Hanna is engaged (although no one is confirming it’s to Caleb, but come on! It has to be! Right?), to Spencer’s political savviness being put to work on her mom’s senate campaign, to clues about the “he” the girls were freaking out about in the season finale (it’s a new “he”, not a “he” we’ve met in the past).

Take a look at the first four minutes of the second half of season six, as well as some footage from the NYCC panel, below:

Pretty Little Liars returns to ABC Family/ FreeForm in January 2016.

Are you excited to see what else the grown-up girls have been up to?

Photo Credit: ABC Family/Lou Rocco


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