The Jennifer Lawrence Diet and Fitness Routine

Jennifer Lawrence Diet and Fitness

Ever wonder what the Jennifer Lawrence diet and fitness routine is? Lawrence equates feeling fit with enjoying life, which is why she says she’s always in shape.

The actress credits performance coach Dalton Wong with helping her hone her body for 2011’s X-Men: First Class, and the pair struck up a solid friendship while training. Dalton isn’t just into exercise; he believes that teaching people why it’s so important to care for their bodies.

“Jen was only 20 years old, she hadn’t had many people educate her about fitness and nutrition,” Wong told Britain’s Heat magazine. “We clicked because we’re both all about enjoying life. Ultimately, my job was to give Jen confidence, to help her be comfortable in her own skin and know that there’s no guilt in enjoying pizza or the odd chocolate bar if you’re eating well and doing exercise. And the fitter you are, the more you can enjoy life. This is what I instilled in her back in 2010.”

Jennifer Lawrence Fitness and Diet

Jennifer Lawrence Diet and Fitness

While Jennifer had the luxury of Dalton being on hand day-in day-out when she was toning up, that isn’t the case for most people. There are things which are easy to do that will help with a keep-fit plan though, and chief among them is keeping a diary of the food you eat and the mood you’re in when it’s consumed.

“This journal makes you accountable to yourself,” he explained. “You look back and see trends to understand which foods make you feel good. If it made you feel bloated, tired or stressed, it was not the right thing to eat.”

Jennifer Lawrence Diet and Fitness

Dalton also encourages taking 15 minutes daily for yourself. That doesn’t mean you have to exercise; it could be 15 minutes spent chatting to a friend or reading. The theory is that doing something to make yourself happy will inspire you to make better choices in the long term.

“I say to all my clients, ‘If you’re going out, make sure you feel good and that you’re eating that pizza or burger because you want to, not because it’s a habit you’re not enjoying anymore,'” he added.

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