Kristen Bell Joins Rob Thomas’ New Show


Veronica Mars may be gone, but auteur Rob Thomas and star Kristen Bell are getting back into business together!

Not only is that long-rumored V.M. movie indeed in the works, but we’ve just learned the two will reunite in May on one of Rob’s new series.

Read on to find out what project Kristen just confirmed has finally brought them back together again…

At the Miss Sixty show during Fashion Week, Kristen told us, “I’m about to guest star on Rob Thomas’ new show, called Party Down. It’s on Starz…a lot of old Veronica Mars people are on it and some really cool comedians like Adam Scott.” The network confirms that yes, “Kristen Bell will be appearing in our new original comedy series, Party Down, premiering on Friday, March 20.”

Kristen is scheduled to film her scenes next week, and you can see her episode (the season finale) on May 22. Sources haven’t confirmed, but $20 says she’s playing “Veronica Moon,” the leader of the “über-efficient and wildly good-looking Valhalla Catering Team.”

In case you haven’t heard about Party Down yet, it’s the story of “a Los Angeles catering team—wannabes stuck working for tips while hoping for their big break. Each episode of the 10-part original series finds the hapless catering team working a new event—from sweet-16 affairs to gay weddings to mobster acquittal parties to porn awards—where they inevitably get tangled up with colorful guests and the absurd drama of their own personal lives.” Whoo and, also, hoo.

Party Down regulars include, among others, Ken Marino (Veronica’s Vinnie Van Lowe!), Ryan Hansen (Veronica’s Dick Casablancas!), Jane Lynch (star of everything ever and pictured above center) and Lizzy Caplan (The Class, True Blood and, of course, Cloverfield).

And that’s not all: Veronica Mars faves Jason Dohring (Veronica’s Logan Echolls) and Alona Tal (Veronica’s Meg Manning) both pop up as guest stars in episode two! Did we mention whoo?

Can you stand the awesome? Will you be watching? Post in the comments!

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