Comic-Con 2016: Submit Your Fan Questions for the Cast of ‘The Vampire Diaries’

Vampire Diaries at Comic-Con 2015 - Photo 1 - Photo Credit: WBEI

The Vampire Diaries returns for Season 8 this fall, but if that’s a little too long for you to wait – don’t worry! We’ll be sitting down with cast members Ian Somerhalder, Paul Wesley, Candice King, Kat Graham, Zach Roerig, Matt Davis and Michael Malarkey along with executive producer Julie Plec this Saturday at San Diego Comic-Con to chat about the new season.

From new love interests to established ships and of course the new storylines, we’ll be asking all about what fans can expect in The Vampire Diaries Season 8. And since FanBolt is by the fans, for the fans, we want your questions! Let us know what questions you want us to ask, and we will ask as many of them as we can! Just post them in our comment section below.

Be sure to follow me on Twitter at @EmmaLoggins and (and @EmmaLoggins on Instagram and @FanBolt on Instagram) for exclusive photos along with the answers to your fan submitted questions! And next week when we return to Atlanta, we’ll have the full videos from the press rooms up!

Post your questions below, and keep checking back to see your question gets asked!

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  1. Could you ask Paul & Candice if they think a Steroline June wedding is possible someday? Thanks!

    1. Are there gonna be more cross overs between the originals and the vampirediaries and if there is can you make more klaus and Carolin scenes

  2. Can they give us fun and cute scenes like for instance Stefan dressing up as Santa Claus for the twins?

  3. Can you ask something about #Klaroline or any crossovers please? It really means a lot for us! Thank you

  4. can you ask if we’ll ever see Steroline watching The Notebook or Friends please? haha

  5. Can you tell Candice that the Klaroline phone call (tvd 714) won best tv shocker award and ask her if she is proud of the devotion of those shippers ? (“Klaroline still alive” trended worldwide yesterday for example)

  6. could you ask Paul/Candice/Julie what do they think about the Steroline June wedding mention in the pilot?

  7. If you’re going to chat with Candice King or Joseph Morgan can you let them know that Klaroline Phonecall won Best Shocker moment on @eonlineTV! We really voted hard and it would be amazing if they will notice that! Thank you!

  8. can you ask the TVD cast if there will be a Steroline bathtub/shower scene in S8 please???

  9. Will Caroline try to save Klaus? Are we going to see her in Nola again? #Klaroline

  10. hi would you mind asking if there will be a Steroline dance soon in S8? We miss those! Thanks 🙂

  11. could you ask the TVD cast & Julie if we’ll get a proper Steroline date this season? Thanks!

  12. could you ask TVD cast if Caroline will ever tease Stefan about the “you and me is not gonna happen of episode 1?

  13. will we ever see Steroline bloodsharing since it’s such an intimate thing for vampires? Thanks!

  14. In the TVD/TO crossover, Caroline was unable to find Klaus, hinting that he wouldn’t be around in NOLA in the future. Now that we’ve seen what happened to Klaus, will Caroline return to New Orleans to find out what happened to him?

  15. can you ask in the TVD press at SDCC if Steroline will have any ride in Stefan’s motorbike next season? thanks!

  16. How will the dynamic be between Alaric Caroline & the twins now that Caroline chose Stefan in the s7 finale?

  17. Please I want to know about Caroline story line, and her connection next season with Klaus.

  18. Will Steroline finally be happy after everything they went through? Will there be any happy moments between them? Is there any chance for a Steroline June wedding?

  19. I read that Ian can write in cursive with his FEET! Is this really true???? Oh, and how did he discover this if it is true???? ????

  20. Please anything related to Klaus and Caroline story, if we’ll see more hints about them like last season.

  21. We know that TVD loves parallels and calling back to previous seasons. Back in season 1, Caroline mentioned a June wedding between her and Stefan. Is this something we can look forward to this season?

  22. Could you please ask anything about Klaroline? Their possible reunion,future crossovers between TVD/TO N could you please ask Candice if she would like to join TO once TVD ends! Tysm

  23. -Can you please ask if they are planning on doing more crossovers with TO next season?
    -And if Klaus will ever find out Caroline went to NOLA looking for him while he was missing?
    -Will Caroline find out why Klaus was missing when she wen too NOLA to look for him?

  24. Hi, could you ask whether we’ll get to see anymore mentions or crossovers between TVD and TO? Will Caroline go looking for Klaus? Will she team up with Hayley to save him? Will Klaus find out that Caroline was in NOLA looking for him? When will they see each other again? Will we get to see Klaus making good of his promise to be Caroline’s last love? Thank you! <3

  25. Can you please ask anything about Klaroline? Will Caroline be crossing over and helping with Klaus’s recovery/rescue?

  26. Can Paul and Candice share how the Forbes Salvatore Detective Agency (aka Steroline) will team up to rescue Damon and Enzo?

  27. Is Caroline going to try and save Klaus? can Hayley and her try to save him? It would be an amazing crossover!Thank you so much and please don’t forget to ask about Klaroline ! <3

  28. Julie Plec: Will we ever find it what was said in Damon’s letter to Bonnie?

    What happened to Bonnie’s mom?

    What will be Bonnie/Damon’s dynamic be like in season 8? Is Bonnie going to try everything in her power to help Damon?

    Will Bonnie ever forgive Damon for leaving her?

    Kat: What do you hope to see happen for Bonnie in Season 8?

    Ian&Kat: If Bonnie and Damon did a remake of a movie together, what would it be and who would they play?

    Ian: What do you hope to see happen with Damon in Season 8?

  29. Can you ask the writers and the cast about social media culture and fandom bullying and how that affects them? Have they (or their loved ones) been the target of death threats, insults, and bullying and how they deal with it hate that is directed to them and to their family and loved ones because of a fictional character that they play or a fictional relationship are a part of. To the showrunner/writers: Is the writing for the show influenced at all by social media? Online polls/popularity contests?

  30. Any Klaroline news? Will Klaus find out Caroline went searching for him? Will they meet face to face? Will Caroline assist in helping Klaus in some kind of way whether saving him or him recovering?

  31. 1) If this is indeed the final season of TVD, will there be some characters crossing over to The Originals? I’d love to see Bonnie exploring more of her witch heritage in New Orleans, Caroline reuniting with Klaus and the Salvatore brothers joining the ongoing war there.

    2) Do Kat thinks Bonnie is truly over Jeremy? Can we Bamon shippers still harvor hope for a happy ending?

    3) STEROLINE. What are Paul’s thoughts on the possibility of them being endgame? What was the moment they thought their characters fell for each other, and did they ever imagine Steroline could be a option when filming the second and third seasons? Favorite and hardest scene to film?

    4) We will be seeing more moments between characters who rarely spent time alone together like Caroline and Damon (he STILLS needs to make amends for season one!). Which relationship (romantic, friendship, filial) do they wish had been giving more time, would like to revisit (characters dead or alive)?

    5) A happy ending for their characters.

  32. We really miss Bonnie and Damon. Will we atleast see them get to a good place in the future??

    What does Kat hope to accomplish in terms of Bonnie’s character and arc in her last season?

    What does Ian hope to accomplish in terms of Damon’s character and arc in her last season?

    Will we ever find out what Damon wrote to Bonnie in his goodbye letter?

    How will Bonnie cope with losing Damon?

    Will Bonnie try to regain her magic back?

    Is there a chance we’ll get to see Bonnie’s mother this season?

    What does Kat and Ian hope see to with Bonnie and Damon in season 8?

    Will Stefan try to get through to Damon?

    Will Stefan and Caroline help Bonnie deal with losing Damon?

    How bad are things going to get now that Damon is technically possessed??

    Will Bonnie and Damon’s relationship ever get back on track?

    Anything on Bonnie?

    Anything on Damon?

    Will Bonnie try to get through to Damon and Enzo?

  33. Klaus and Caroline had a very beautiful moment this season, their phonecall was amazing and showed how Klaus still cares about Caroline .. we really want to know if they’re meet next season ?

  34. The girls that play Alaric and Caroline’s twins shared on instagram that they will be a part of TVD season 8. How much interaction with they have with the cast? How are the dynamics between Lizzie, Josie, Caroline, Alaric, Stefan, and now, presumably, the new nanny that was cast?

  35. If this season of TVD is shortened as rumored, can we expect the all of the cast (Paul, Ian, Candice, Kat, Michael, Matt, and Zach) to be in every episode?

  36. Will we have another Klaroline (Klaus and Caroline) reunion in TVD season 8? Will Caroline help search and find Klaus? Will Caroline go to NOLA again to look look for answers about where Klaus is? Will Klaus be in TVD season 8? MOS IMPORTANTLY – Is Klaroline Endgame on the cards??

  37. Can you ask Candice what she thinks about Caroline’s arc throughout the seasons? How does she feel about her character overall? Can you please ask Kat the same question about Bonnie? Malarkey about Enzo? Matt Davis about Alaric? Zach about Matt?

  38. I love a holiday themed episode. Halloween, friendsgiving, and winter/christmas episodes were always particularly good. Can we expect more of that this year?

  39. Can you please ask Julie Plec if the focus of this season will be the main cast or should we expect a guest star-heavy season like last year?

  40. I’m just going to do this in one quick 1,2,3 listing so I don’t flood the comments.

    1. Ian: Your performance for Damon losing his mother was compelling to watch. Was there any specific moment in your life that you drew those emotions from?

    2. Ian: Had you been in Damons shoes would you have chosen to walk through the armory alone?

    3. Ian: Considering Stefan is getting happiness again do you think Damon will showcase signs of resentment?

    4. Paul: Time and time again Stefan had said he wouldn’t give up on Damon but he always goes back on his word. What makes this season different?

    5. Ian: Has the darkness possessed Damon completely or are there still fractions of Damon left?

    6. Ian: Since Damon is like a second skin to you in all seriousness what will be the first words out of Damons mouth when Elena finally wakes?

    7. Ian: Damon writing in a journal was the most compelling moment because it’s so unlike him to do. With him now battling his inner demons is there a chance he will open up in an entry again?

  41. Can you ask the cast what their plans are after TVD ends? Do they wish to continue in television or would they rather pursue another medium (movies, theater)? Or if they plan to take well-deserved time off to enjoy life a little bit?

  42. Is Candice willing to do a crossover on TO ? Any chance for a scene with her and Marcel (CMD) singing ?

  43. what do you think about the way stefan treats caroline? don’t you think she deserves better?

  44. 1. The little trip to Elena’s house was heartwearming and so old school TVD, will we see again the Gilbert House in S8?
    2. Is Damon completely possessed or on a scale of 1 to 10 how aware is he of the things he’s doing?
    3. And where does his feelings for Elena stand after 7×22?
    4. Stefan has given up on Damon before, what makes this time so different? what will keep him searching?
    5. Can we expect Elena or his love to be what brings Damon back from the darkness?
    6. Will Bonnie be the ones that saves Enzo and where is their relationship going?
    7. Will Alaric ever be happy with a woman?
    8. Will Steven Mcqueen come back to play Jeremy one last time? We miss Jerbear
    9. What can they tease about Nina’s anticipated reunion and the part Elena Gilbert will play in S8?
    10. Are they aware that the Delena reunion is the most anticipated one in television?
    11. How happy do they think fans will be with the direction S8 will take?
    12. Do they have any regrets on storylines from this past year?

  45. Would Zach Roerig like for Melinda Clarke (I LOVE HER) reprise her role as Matt’s mom, Kelly Donovan? Can you ask Julie Plec if there’s any chance that will happen?

  46. can you ask them to stop messing with steroline so much.. they deserve to be happy..

  47. Has Caroline forgiven Klaus for stabbing her in the stomach with a lamp and giving her a poisonous bite?

  48. Has Caroline forgiven Klaus for hunting down Elena and Tyler and trying to kill them?

  49. 1. What about Matt Donovan who was supposed to leave the town? Why this guy always suffers? Why writers hate him?
    2. What’s next for Alaric in the general plot, exept to be a dad?
    3. What about the twins? Are they a clue for save Damon and Enzo? What is the point (or were just a way to include Candice’s pregnancy?)
    4. Caroline will have a storyline exept romance and poor fake love triangle? At this stage, I would almost prefer her single…We are seriously so done with this, they are not in high school, time to grow up! Caroline deserves better! She was the one who had the best character’s development. And for what? For love triangle? For be, again, between two men?
    5. Can yo take a decision about the Steroline dynamic and keep it? And stop make them out of character? They were the best friendship, the more healthy relationship for years, so pretending just because now they are a couple can cancel communication between them is just a forced angst. This isn’t how they were. This is boring to see for every one. The ones who love them, and the one who don’t. If you want them as a couple do it right or stop it. In the name of their past friendship, they deserves a better writing. What the point to build a slow burn for that now? Respect your past work for you and us, thanks.
    6. This is a supernatural show, there are so much things to do, so much ideas to have…Watch TVD season 7, was like watching a soap. Now, Caroline is in her “supernatural life” again, what can we expect for her? Season 2 was great for her, she was in the action, she was badass!
    7. Why there are almost no scenes of Bonnie and Caroline, supposed to be “best friends” (like Caroline said once) but at the end of last season Caroline said Bonnie lost the 2 most important persons for her…Ok so Caroline and Bonnie are good friends or not? Caroline, Bonnie, Matt and Elena had all a life before the vampires come in their life. Their characters had a personality, links between them…
    8- Why Bonnie has lost, again, her magic? Instead of make fake fiance with no point as result like Caroline-Alaric (everyone “with” everyone become so boring, and this “couple” was so pointless), save screen time where there is potential in the supernatural plot…please?
    9. How will be the bromance between Damon and Enzo, what will be different of season 5?
    10. Are you seriously thinking to bring back Kai? You just cut his head… And this isn’t like he deserves a second chance after what he did to his own family… Katherine deserves hell and Kai deserves a second chance? Please…

  50. For Candice: If TVD ends before TO would she be open to join the TO cast?

    For Julie: If TO outlives TVD is she planning on moving some TVD characters to TO? If yes, is Caroline one of them?

    Anything about Klaroline would be really appreciated, thanks for taking our questions

  51. If you get to talk with Candice King or/and Joseph Morgan can you tell them that the Klaroline Phonecall won Best Shocker moment on @eonlineTV and KlarolineLives was trending worldwide on Twitter. Please ask them what they think about the ship and the dedicated fans.

  52. Hi! Could you please ask about Klaus & Caroline… And when will they get together to being endgame?! And please send congratulations to Candice & Joseph(if you see him) since they won for Best TV Shocker moment in the EW awards and yesterday it trended worlwide KLAROLINE STILL ALIVE. Thanks! Xoxo!

  53. Also, can you as Julie Plec how she feels about Klaroline winning best moment/ KlarolineLives trending on Twitter?

    Now that Caroline is in New Orleans, are we finally gonna have a proper Klaroline reunion? And if we do, are Marcel and Caroline gonna karaoke together?

  54. Hi, can you please ask Candice if you get to talk with her that IF there’s an opportunity for her to join the TO cast will she do it?
    Moreover, will Klaus ever find out about Caroline’s trip to Nola and is there a chance Hayley might need help from the Mystic Falls gang to revive the Mikaelsons? Also can we expect more crossovers this season? I’m just excited because there is so much potential rn for the shows to unite 🙂 Thank you for taking questions xx

  55. Hi, can you please ask Candice if you get to talk with her that IF there’s an opportunity for her to join the TO cast will she do it?
    Moreover, will Klaus ever find out about Caroline’s trip to Nola and is there a chance Hayley might need help from the Mystic Falls gang to revive the Mikaelsons? Also can we expect more crossovers this season? I’m just excited because there is so much potential rn for the shows to unite 🙂 Thank you for taking questions we really appreciate it

  56. Will Caroline be involved in any way in the process of saving Klaus? Will these two get face-to-face soon?

  57. If candice had the opportunity and chance of joining the TO cast would she do it? Also will both shows do more crossovers now?

  58. Please could you ask about STEROLINE in season 8 ? Are they going to be finally happy and what is in store for them?

  59. Will Klaus find out that Caroline has been in NOLA? And will we see his reaction to it,since it’s something he always craved? Thank you so much for taking our questions!

  60. Is the reason why tvd starts in november and to in january so some of the characters from tvd pass to to? If yes is caroline one of them? (If yes i’m gessing caroline and stefan will go to nola but please ask anyway)

  61. For Michael and Kat, how do they want to see Bonnie and Enzo relationship develop?
    For Plec, what sort of struggles will both Bonnie and Enzo go through during their time being separated?
    How will Bonnie deal with coming face to face with Enzo, without her magic?

  62. 1. Will there be any Bonnie and Stefan scenes to come, I wish we could see more of those two working together?
    2. How is Bonnie coping with losing her magic, will she go to the prison world to get it back or will it come back naturally?
    3. Have Enzo and Damon truly lost their humanity, will Bonnie and Stefan be able to save them?
    4. What’s next for Bonnie and Enzo’s relationship?

  63. Are we gonna get any follow through on Caroline going to New Orleans to look for Klaus? Anything Klaroline related would be appreciated!

  64. Can you ask Julie if we will get more crossovers next season between TO & TVD ? Also given how popular the Klaroline phone call was in tvd 7×14 (it won a award, the ratings raised, Klaroline trended in 10 countries during the airing time), does she think about reuniting them for real this time ?

    And for Candice, what does she think of going on TO for some episodes (after tvd end for example) ?

    Thank you for taking our questions by the way !


    Thai you very much.

  66. Please ask Julie:
    Now that Damon is possessed that means he doesn’t care or remember about Elena or part of him still knows?

    How many episodes are Damon and Enzo going to be possessed ?

    Bonnie and Enzo were a surprising and beautiful couple, what can we expect about their relationship?

    The thing that possessed Damon and Enzo can jump to another bodies ?

  67. How does Candice feel about Caroline’s decision making skills as far as what is best for her and does she think that Caroline deserves better for herself then what she’s getting currently? Does she think that Caroline should choose herself and live the single life for a bit? Also can you please ask about the possibility of more crossovers and would Candice like to do more crossovers with The Originals. Also ask about Klaroline and if Caroline will help find Klaus next season. Thank you!

  68. Can we hope for an encounter between Caroline and Klaus before possibility (maybe and I hope) to see them finishing together towards or before the end of the series ?

  69. To Kat and Michael how do they feel about Bonenzo relationship, anything they’ll like to see with their relationship?
    To Michael how do you feel about playing another darker verison of Enzo this season?
    To Kat what do you want to see happen with mortal Bonnie, will you like to see that huntress side again this time of Bonnie’s freewill?

  70. Will we, after 6 seasons, have a Bamon KISS? It’s all that Bamon fans want if a relationship is not possible… I mean even Stiles and Lydia ( from TW) had a KISS and they are best friends ????

  71. Can u ask if Stefan is going to write something for Elena again? Not about Damon or Enzo.
    Can u ask Paul’s two fav scenes of Stefan and Elena?
    Now that Kevin Williamson is back, is there a chance to bring stelena back? They said Elena’s human choice is Stefan and it took years and seasons to stop loving Stefan.
    How will Stefan react when Elena wakes up?
    Will Bonnie and Damon die together?

  72. Question for Kat favorite Bonnie scenes/storyline?

    For Michael and Kat, Bonnie and Enzo was a surprise what were your first thoughts/reactions about the couple?
    Any storylines they would like explored for Bonnie/Enzo together and separately?

  73. Will we get more insight on Bonnie’s and Enzo’s Id? It seems that they donot invest much in the relationship (parental issues). Did Bonnie talk to Enzo about her parents and will we see Grams again? Will Enzo’s parents be identified?

  74. 1. Can we expect more friendship scenes with Bonnie/Caroline?
    2. Kat how would you describe Bonnie/Enzo’s relationship?
    3. If the writers give the cast free reign what storylines would they like to have play out?
    4.How would the cast want the show to end?

  75. Hi there, some questions around Enzo and Bonnie – Are we going to see more about Enzo’s family in S8? Can Michael see Enzo becoming human for Bonnie, would he sacrifice his immortality to live a normal life with her? Does Kat think Bonnie would need to go back to the 1913 prison world to get her magic back or does she think she has the power to find it within herself? What would Kat’s love to see in Bonnie’s future, does it include Bonnie carrying on the Bennett witch line?

  76. – For Kat: How does Bonnie see herself in relationship to the other characters – i.e. Does she feel under appreciated by them the way her fans often feel she is, or are we just projecting?! 😛 Do you think a “happy ending” is possible for Bonnie? Is she destined to be sacrificed for the benefit of other characters or will her strength finally be rewarded? What do you think her version of a happy ending would even be?

    For Michael: Do you think we’ll be able to get more of the blanks of Enzo’s back story filled in (what he did once he got off the boat, military service, etc.)? Do you already have an idea for yourself of what things were like for him in those years anyway? If the writers come up with something different, is it weird or difficult to reconfigure your ideas?

    For both: Bonenzo question – All of the current vault-monster-driven challenges aside, assuming Enzo can/will be brought back to “normal”, is their love kinda star-crossed anyway, even if they’re both supernatural but considering they’re not quite aging/mortality compatible? If they reunite, is this an issue?

    Also please tell them their performances were far and away the best thing about S7, even if they don’t hear it enough because their fans are generally too cool to spend their time loudly harassing people about the fact. 😉

  77. Question for Micheal Malarkey
    1. As an actor how different is his interpretation of Vault possessed Enzo going to be compare to Humanity less Enzo. Since what tbe vault does is to strip you of your humanity?
    2. Is Enzo ever going to find out about his parents and why he was abandoned now that he found his cousins.
    For Kat Graham
    1. What is one thing she wants Bonnie to accomplish/do before the end of the season?
    2. What kind a future does she see for Bonnie (ie. Work, children, marriage etc.)
    For both Kat Graham and Micheal Marlarkey
    1. Where do they see Bonnie and Enzo’s relationship going moving forward in the season
    2. Do they see a happy ending for Bonnie and Enzo as a couple?
    3. What kind of future do they see for Bonnie and Enzo as a couple (ie. Mariage, children etc.)

  78. 1. Will we see more of Enzo’s family?
    2. Is Bonnie trying to get her magic back?
    3. To Julie will we see more romantic scenes with Enzo and Bonnie?
    4. Will we hear some of the music that Enzo and Bonnie wrote together?
    5. Will there be a better focus on Bonnie’s friendship with Caroline and Matt?

  79. Since it’s TVD canon Caroline knows about Klaus missing can you ask the writers and the cast if there is a chance they’ll use this opportunity to have Caroline on TO???

  80. For Michael and Kat

    What has been their favourite thing about the Bonnie and Enzo pairing?

    How does the dynamic between Bonnie and Enzo change or develop in season eight?

    If they could be given free reign, what ending would they like for their characters?

    For Michael

    Enzo has been antagonistic before but it was usually motivated by revenge or loneliness. How does he differ as an antagonist when he isn’t motivated by either?

    Also are there are any Enzo flashbacks that you would like to explore? For example, Enzo as a soldier during World War Two

  81. For Michael

    If/when Enzo is saved from whatever is possessing him, do you think he’ll be the same person or is he going to be different? Also do you think he’ll be traumatised by what happened to him?

  82. Can you ask whether we’ll see more crossovers next season and Klaroline getting in touch again?

  83. Can you ask whether we’ll ever see Klaus find out that Caroline came looking for him?

  84. Hi !Thanks for giving us the chance to ask u some questions! We really appreciate it and can you ask Candice King if she’d like to join The Originals when Tvd will end?
    Are we going to see Caroline in Nola again this season? Are they planning any crossovers? Will Caroline try to find why Klaus was missing?
    Thanks again and I hope you will give us some #Klaroline scoop 🙂

  85. I have questions about the following: Bonnie Bennett, Damon Salvatore, and Bamon
    1. In S7 had there been plans to explore Bamon romantically but it was scrapped due to leaked spoilers?
    2. Why was Bamon written to basically follow the textbook formula of enemies, to friends, to going above and beyond to save one another but then not given the go to become romantic?
    3. Bamon’s friendship has always been rocky, will it ever get to a point where its solid before the finale?
    4. What will Bonnie be doing to get her magic back?
    5. Will she meet someone who has her best interest at heart when it comes to her craft?
    6. Will Bonnie’s life be unlinked with Elena’s without Bonnie having to die?
    7. Will Bonnie ever have a storyline where she’s not suffering?
    8. Will Bonnie learn about Lucy’s death?
    9. Will we ever seen anymore Bennetts?
    10. What is one thing Kat Graham would like to see explored for Bonnie?
    11. Will Damon ever get consistent development?
    12. I feel Damon has a lot of layers but those layers haven’t been developed due to the ups and downs of his romantic entanglements, will we learn anything else of value about him?
    13. Will Damon discover that he doesn’t need Elena’s love in order to be a truly whole and worthwhile person?
    14. Bamon fans were pretty much kicked in the gut during Julie Plec’s twitter q&a during episode 7×21, has there been any change of heart about romantic Bamon since?
    15. Is Kevin Williams back, if so, how will his input turn things around after a dismal seventh season?
    16. If there is to be a crossover episode with The Originals, would Kat Graham want Bonnie to crossover?
    17. If yes, who would she like to work with?

    Thank you so much for taking the time to read.

  86. Will we ever know about LIZ’s letter for Caroline?
    Plus will we get more of Damon-Caroline banters or atleast more of Steroline with Damon:)

  87. Will we ever know about LIZ’s
    letter for Caroline?
    Plus will we get more of Damon-
    Caroline banters or atleast more
    of Steroline with Damon

  88. can you ask to Michael and Kat what they thought when they found out it would be a romantic relationship between them?, and if they are loving their dynamic as much as us?

    Thank you

  89. Is the creature a kitsune? In the books one messed with Damon taking away his goodness. He even forgot about his feelings for Elena.

  90. What can we expect from Bonnie this season afer she lost her best friend and her boyfriend after they sacrificed themselves to save her?

  91. What’s the whole point of Klaus saying “he was your first love, I intend to be your last however long it takes” if they weren’t going to be meant together?? Will they be together?

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