Comic-Con 2016: Submit Your Fan Questions for the Cast of ‘The Originals’

The Originals

The Originals returns for Season 4 this fall, but if you’re a super-fan we know you can’t wait that long… Lucky for you, we’ve got your back!

We’ll be sitting down with cast members Joseph Morgan, Daniel Gillies, Phoebe Tonkin, Charles Michael Davis, Yusuf Gatewood, and Riley Voelkel as well as executive producer Michael Narducci this Saturday at San Diego Comic-Con to chat about the new season.

From new villains to new relationships, we’ll be asking all about what fans can expect in The Originals upcoming fourth season. And since FanBolt is by the fans, for the fans, we want your questions! Let us know what questions you want us to ask, and we will ask as many of them as we can! Just post them in our comment section below.

Be sure to follow me on Twitter at @EmmaLoggins and (and @EmmaLoggins on Instagram and @FanBolt on Instagram) for exclusive photos along with the answers to your fan submitted questions! And next week when we return to Atlanta, we’ll have the full videos from the press rooms up!

Post your questions below, and keep checking back to see your question gets asked!

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  1. Can you ask Joseph how Klaus would feel about Caroline going to NOLA to see him (Klaus) yet he wasn’t able to see her or show her around his city since Klaus is “missing”.

  2. -Can you ask If Klaus Will ever find out Caroline went to Nola looking for him while he was missing?
    -Are they planning on doing more crossovers with TVD next season?
    -Is a TVD character going to play a part in the Mikarlsons’ rescue?
    -Will Caroline make an appearance or be mentioned in season 4 of TVD?
    -Anything about Klaroline would be appreciated.

    Thanks for taking our questions

  3. 1.Can you ask something about #Klaroline or any crossovers? Will Klaus ever learn that Caroline was looking for him?
    2.Can Hayley and Caroline work together to save Klaus? It would be an amazing crossover!
    3.Are we going to ever see Caroline Forbes in Nola again?

  4. Give us some #Klaroline good news pleasee! Also any news about Marcel? Should we look at him as an enemy now?And now that Klaus is gone should we consider him the new King?

  5. Pleasee anything about Klaroline or any crossovers! Also any news on Rebekah? Will Claire finally be back? And what about Davina? Are we going to see her again? Thank you!

  6. Can you ask anything about Klayley? What’s next for them?
    Also any tease about Klaus and Hope reunin

  7. Could you ask Joseph Morgan what his opinion of klaus being a parent, and how he will manage when hope comes to the age when she’s interested in boys?

  8. 1. Will Klaus and Hayley’s dynamic change since there’s a huge time jump?
    2. How does the time jump, along with Klaus being tortured all that time, affect the family dynamic?

  9. For Michael : – during season 3, 2 crossovers happened (Stefan came in Nola, and Elijah & Freya went to MF), so how many crossovers can we expect during season 4 ?
    -Now that Davina and Cami are dead, there is a lack of female characters on TO so can we imagine that some TVD characters will come on TO now, like Caroline and Bonnie for example ?
    -Are we going to see Rebekah again?

    For Joseph : -now that he directed a TO episode, would he like to do it again ? And since he seems to love doing crossovers, what about him directing a crossover (especially a Klaroline one) ?
    – How was it to finally have a scene with Candice Accola this season after 2 years without “seeing” her ? Is he proud of the Klaroline popularity (which is still his most popular ship) despite all this time ?
    -Will Klaus ever learn that Caroline was looking for him while he was “trapped” ? And will we see his reaction to this since it’s something he always wanted to happen ?

    For Charles :
    Is Marcel next season’s villain?
    – Is he sad that Marcel never had a real love interest or does he think him being single makes him more interesting and more powerful ?
    -Would he like to do a crossover ? Which tvd character Marcel should meet in his opinion ?
    -Any chance for a singing scene with Candice Accola one day (since Marcel sang in TO 1rst episode)

    For Phoebe :
    – Does she thinks Hayley could find some help for waking up Klaus in Mystic Falls ? Caroline could help her for example, since she is still friend with Klaus.

    Thanks for taking our questions by the way !

  10. Anything about Klaroline (Klaus & Caroline) would be cool, now that she has been officially introduced on TO, can we expect more mentions (since Klaus intends to be her last love after all) or even a crossover ?

  11. Any teasers for the Klaus/Hayley/Hope reunion?
    Did Hayley settle down to give Hope a normal life like going to school? Or has she just been wandering around constantly for years to find answers
    Will Freya get her own storyline this season that’s not just saving everyone all the time?

  12. For Yusuf: how will Vincent handle things in NOLA now that he’s essentially declared war on the Mikaelsons? Will he take up the mantle of Regent and lead the local covens in a war against them, to kind of continue Davina’s ‘time of the witches’ efforts?

    For CMD: how will Marcel be coping with the loss of Davina while simultaneously severing ties from the Mikaelsons? If Rebekah returns on a more permanent basis, how will that affect their tumultuous relationship? And would he possibly unite with Vincent, despite the bad blood between witches and vampires, against them?

    For CMD and Phoebe: will there be more Hayley and Marcel interaction? They’ve developed a great repertoire as allies so it would be interesting to see them balance that across purposes. Also: if Marcel was friends with her father (as he mentioned in s2, I think) why has he not been telling her stories about her family?

    For PT: how happy was she that she finally got to end a season with Hope?!

    For PT and Michael: will we ever get more of Hayley’s backstory? There have been hints dropped since TVD and we finally got to meet a few people from her past in s3, but will we meet others or get flashbacks of her life pre-curse as we’ve seen flashbacks of the Mikaelsons and Marcel’s lives?

    For Riley: considering how long she’s been around and her training with Dahlia, just how concerned is Freya about Vincent and the NOLA covens coming for her family? Is she powerful enough to take them on her own or will she need witchy allies?

    For Daniel: Elijah’s entire life has always been laser focused on putting his family and their needs/happiness first, but he’s finally putting himself for once so how will he continue to balance that? What would you like to see happen in Elijah’s future? And will we get to see Elijah playing with the local jazz bands again?!

  13. To Joseph” how do you think Klaus’ sacrifice at the end of season 3 will effect his relationship with his siblings?

  14. I can already assume that Klaus will wake up enraged but what about Elijah’s state of mind knowing that Klaus has been in torment for the whole time?

    It seemed like Elijah was taking the blame during the last episode. Does he feel like what happened was his fault?

  15. Will we get another Klaroline reunion, this time in person? Will Caroline help find and rescue Klaus? Will Klaus find out about Caroline looking for him in NOLA? Will Caroline be part of any of the hallucinations/dreams he will be experiencing while dagggered? Anything pertaining to Klaroline. Thank you

  16. Can you tell Joseph the Klaroline phone call won Best TV shocker award (we beated De and Clexa) ? Thanks !

  17. Anything about #Klaroline? Also for Joseph : is he going to direct another episode next season? And would he like to direct a Klaroline scene or maybe their Reunion? Thank you so much! ????

  18. Feel free to ask any of these questions, or even all of these questions.
    #1: With Klaus being put under due to Papa Tunde’s blade and the rest of the family taking refuge in their caskets/Freya’s magical safe haven, how will their disappearances affect New Orleans?
    #2: To Joseph Morgan: The episode you directed was beautifully put together. Do you have any tips for people who are going into film and want to go into directing?
    #3: To entire cast: What characteristic of the character that you play do you associate yourself with the most (How are you guys most like your characters?)
    #4: Also to entire cast: What intrigues you when you’re diving into an episode? What draws you in to acting? (e.g. characterizations, arcs, plot, etc)
    #5: Entire cast: Just wanting to know all of your opinions and views of your individual characters: what do you think your character’s mortal weakness/Achilles’ heel is? And why?
    #6: This is just a fun one-say if your characters came to SDCC 2016. What would they do at the convention and what of pop culture would they be most excited to see?
    Thank you Emma!

  19. For Narducci: Will we learn more about Hayley’s past in season 4?

    For Daniel: How do you feel about Elijah finally getting the girl, and finally being selfish and taking what he wants, and how do think it’ll change him, or will it?

    Thank you for taking our questions! ☺

  20. 1)Is there any chance to see Henrik Mikaelson in e show ? 2) questions for the cast. What is the best episode in Season 3

  21. Ask them if they would like to see Candice / Caroline join TO cast after tvd’ end ? And is Joseph willing to direct a Klaroline scene one day, especially since he said this year that he wanted them to end up together ?