Amy Adams’ Had a Deep Connection with Her ‘Arrival’ Character

Amy Adams

Amy Adams had a “deep connection” to her Arrival character as soon as she read the script. The 42-year-old actress plays linguistics professor Dr. Louise Banks, who is recruited to communicate with the inhabitants of 12 giant alien spacecrafts, in the sci-fi saga and was instantly drawn to the “heart and soul” of the story.

She said: “It was really one of the best scripts I ever read, and it had such an amazing heart and soul to it, and on top of that it had these sci-fi elements which were also interesting and intriguing. It definitely falls in the category of sci-fi, but all the greatest sci-fi films that I have enjoyed offer a lot of complex ideas. It’s not solved with simplicity and it begs a lot of conversation from the audience and a lot of thinking. But at the end of the day, it left me with such a deep connection to Louise that it was hard for me to imagine letting it go and not sort of getting to see it through.”

While the movie has so far received largely positive reviews, Amy is looking forward to seeing the response from cinema-goers.

She told SciFiNow magazine: “I was curious about that, ‘What will the mainstream audience feel?’ I brought my brother, nephew and niece to see it and they are very, very honest. My nephew is 11 and my niece is 16 and they loved it. I feel like if people can come into it open, this can reach a broad audience. I am really thrilled and proud of this film and it does hold a special place in my heart. So I am hoping that audiences come to it open and willing to see it.”

Arrival is now out in theaters!

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