iPhone 7 Plus – No Further Introduction Needed

It’s been almost three years now since I last spent this much time exploring through the iTunes Store and App Store, and it was almost four years ago that I started writing for an app website that focused only on the App Store and Apple products. It was then that I spent an entire year working on the new iPad Mini and thoroughly engaged in all things Apple.

However, even though I spent all my time in 2013 on the iPad, I still ran around with an Android phone. I just hadn’t gotten around to picking up the iPhone yet. However, with a change of jobs came different opportunities and that’s when I began covering the Galaxy Note line of phones. I actually covered the original Galaxy Note all the way up to the Note 4, but then another change of jobs stopped me from covering any of the later models.

Well, here I am today with this current opportunity to take a close look at the new iPhone 7 Plus. Now this isn’t the first time I’ve ever used an iPhone as my wife had the iPhone 5 which I would mess with occasionally, but I never really did anything special with it. So really, this is my first true experience with an Apple product since early 2014, and this is my first ever experience with my own personal iPhone.


Accessibility. Having easy accessibility to do the things you like, the things you love, or even to try things you know absolutely nothing about is grand. In addition, having easy accessibility to unique features makes all the difference in the world. The iOS platform is full of these unique experiences and the power of the iPhone 7 Plus allows users to discover them in the best way possible.

The iPhone is full of accessibility, and my recent journey with the iPhone 7 Plus has shown me that, while reminding me of why I absolutely love the iOS platform.

It’s easy to pull out the iPhone 7 Plus and fall in love with it immediately with its sleek design, especially with the new Jet Black color. It’s so beautifully smooth and glossy. And while I love the look of the Jet Black color, the iPhone 7 Plus is so much more than a shiny new toy to look at, it’s an experience. It’s something to make daily life more interesting and entertaining, while also offering an excellent way to capture all the best moments through its new enhanced camera.


It’s the little things that matter most. One of the first things I did with the iPhone 7 Plus was check out the songs I had previously purchased in iTunes. Of course, that eventually sent me to Apple Music and trying out the free three-month trial that’s available for new members to the service. I immediately downloaded so many favorite albums and began creating new playlists full of new favorite songs that I discovered while searching through different genres.

The Apple Music interface is much like the entire iOS experience through iTunes or the App Store with it being easy to use and navigate. One of my favorite features is browsing through my favorite artists and watching their music videos. I can’t even remember the last time I watched a music video. However, the easy accessibility of having them right there is awesome.

Another experience I had was discovering that lyrics are available to read when listening to a song. I remember the old days of browsing through annoying websites to find lyrics for songs. It just wasn’t good. However, while listening to my all-time favorite band, The Goo Goo Dolls, I discovered the option for viewing a song’s lyrics being conveniently right there for me to read. Just like that I was having another joyful moment on the iPhone while listening to my current favorite album, Boxes, while reading the lyrics to each song I would listen to. It was fun!

While I was still jamming out to some tunes I discovered a new way to send messages. I began chatting it up with iMessage by sending entertaining texts to friends with fireworks and lasers in the background, along with different effects like invisible ink and slams that make communicating even more amusing. It’s also fun drawing out your messages – appropriate messages, of course.

I eventually started taking selfies and Live Photos and would send those to friends as well. Of course, that turned into using different apps like MSQRD, Burstio, and SnapChat where the conversation just got progressively stupider the longer it went on. But hey, it was still a conversation full of laughs and that’s what’s important.

Speaking of Live Photos, I didn’t know how they worked until a friend taught me. Good thing he did because who knows what kind of silly live photos I could have sent out by either saying or doing something stupid at the end of the photo. Once I knew how they worked though, it once again turned into another crazy session of photo spam on iMessage. Ah, good times!

The ability to take photos and use apps exist on all phones. The same for listening to music. But the uniqueness of iOS, of Live Photos, and the easy accessibility to discover and use all of these options make the experience so much more enjoyable on an iPhone.

Friends! Did you notice I mentioned a friend taught me something and then we had crazy messaging spells that probably went on longer than they should have? Well, my point is that this is the first time I found myself truly engaged in a phone with these type of messaging features because iOS and the ability of the iPhone makes it that much easier and far more fun to engage with when speaking to friends. I’ve been talking to these guys for years, yet with iMessage and all the unique features surrounding it caused our phone conversation to take a turn for the better – or worse, but in a good way – ish.

Now one of the things I enjoy doing most with every phone is taking pictures. I absolutely must have the best camera possible with my phone because I can’t stop taking photos when I’m out and about. The iPhone 7’s camera has been reengineered to achieve better image stabilization, an f/1.8 aperture, and a six-element lens for achieving better image quality when taking photographs and videos in low light situations. The f/1.8 aperture grabs up to 50 percent more light on the camera than the iPhone 6s. That’s a big difference maker right there!

I’ve already become amazed at just how well the camera captures images in low light situations, whether it’s taking a nice picture of a Christmas tree in the dark or an object sitting on a shelf that sits back where very little light reaches. It’s fantastic just how well the camera works in these low light situations and I can’t wait to further explore taking even more photos in these types of situations.

The 12MP camera is lovely in all lighting though for capturing the best moments around you for sharing with friends and family. It even captures high-resolution video up to 4K. The 7MP camera on the front of the phone is also new and adds wide color capture for even better selfies. I’ve already taken multiple pictures of myself and have used the LED flash to see how well it balances both the person and background in the photo when taking the selfies. It looks good and works really well.

The iPhone 7 Plus actually has two cameras on the back for even more photo opportunities. It has a 12MP telephoto camera that enables users to get even closer to their subject without losing out on as much quality. It features optical zoom up to 2x with digital zoom up to 10x. The 2x optical zoom allows for sharp close-up photos and videos, and while testing I’ve discovered that it does do a good job of maintaining a quality picture.

During my time with the iPhone 7 Plus I’ve been enjoying the low light capabilities, as well as the slo-mo video capture and time lapse capture. It’s nice to have it all right there and easy to use. It’s also so simple to change the settings on the screen before taking the picture. One of the best features that’s easy to use is the ability to allow more light or less light in for each photo by simply sliding your finger up or down on the screen after focusing on your subject. It’s so easy to use, and it’s so good at the same time.


I also really like the iPhone 7 Plus’ Retina HD display and how bright it can become. This makes playing games, watching movies, and everything else even more enjoyable. Playing games like Deus Ex GO, Lara Croft GO, Lumines, Snow Party 2, and Galaxy on Fire 3 are fantastic on this display, and especially with the larger size of the iPhone 7 Plus. I still can’t imagine ever going back to a smaller phone as the size of the iPhone 7 Plus, for me, is perfect for every single activity.

And speaking of movies, I watched a Christmas movie 5 years ago that I recall really liking at the time, but I just couldn’t remember the name of it. I remembered the premise, but that’s it. Anyway, I had another fun moment on my iPhone 7 Plus when I browsed through the iTunes Store and ended up finding my way to the TV Shows section where they have a Holiday Made-for-TV Movies section. I glanced through each listed movie and happened to find this movie that I’ve been trying to identify for the past 3 years because I recognized it by its description. It’s a Christmas miracle! I immediately made the purchase and watched it right then and there on the phone.

The name of the movie is Desperately Seeking Santa, and even though it wasn’t quite as good as I remember, I still enjoyed watching it again. I’m happy I finally found it thanks to the holiday section on the iTunes Store, and I easily enjoyed watching it on my iPhone 7 Plus. If I was on another phone I wouldn’t have even gone looking for movies because I just don’t care for the interface. iOS and the cleanliness and easy navigation of the iTunes Store makes that happen with ease.

Another fantastic feature of the iPhone 7 Plus is that the battery life does very well even when I play all these games and watch multiple TV shows and movies. During my recent trip where I didn’t do much with the phone outside of text and take a picture or two, I was able to go two days without charging it. That’s incredible and something I’m not used to being able to get away with. The battery life on the phone is fantastic.

Having an iPhone is an experience unlike any other. Finally, after all these years, I fully understand that. The easy accessibility to connecting with friends in unique and fun ways through iMessage, browsing and discovering new favorite tunes through Apple Music, playing some of the best mobile games that can be found on the App Store, and discovering and rediscovering movies thanks to the iTunes Store is all part of the wonderful experience on the iPhone 7 Plus. It’s so easy to access all this content thanks to the incredibly designed iOS interface.

While I still miss swiping to quickly text and having an easy back button to return to a previous screen, I’m now reminded of all the fun and joy that can be had with a phone that goes beyond the basics. The incredible cameras of the iPhone 7 Plus makes taking pictures fun again, the 3D touch makes navigating apps easier, and iMessage makes communicating with friends more fun and more personable. Additionally, Apple Music makes me want to quit Spotify, and then read more lyrics and watch more music videos.

There’s just so much to talk about when it comes to all the great things about the iPhone 7 Plus and the iOS platform. But when it comes down to it all I absolutely love my new iPhone 7 Plus and can’t wait to do more with it as I journey through my everyday activities.

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