Loot Crate: Halo Legendary Crate – Halo Wars 2

Loot Crate began its services in 2012 and established itself by providing fans with crates full of unique items related to the most popular topics in gaming and other forms of entertainment. For gamers, we’re used to spending hours upon hours in our favorites games looking to collect loot to improve our characters or achieve new goals. However, Loot Crate brought that experience to reality by sending crates full of exciting loot to subscribers for them to find at their doorsteps.

I’ve always been interested in Loot Crate, especially when seeing one of my favorite games being represented during a particular month. I became even more excited about Loot Crate when discovering their partnership with Microsoft and 343 Industries to release Halo Legendary Crates. Yet, all this time has passed – all that excellent loot has skipped on by – and I’ve yet to dive in.

Well that has changed because I got incredibly hyped up about Halo Wars 2, which recently released on Xbox One and Windows 10. And with that hype I rediscovered the Halo Legendary Crate that was focused on Halo Wars 2 for this month. With only a few days before the expiration of the Halo Wars 2 edition crate, I decided it was time to finally get my first hands-on experience with a Loot Crate.

I’m so glad that I made that decision to grab the latest Halo Legendary Crate with the Halo Wars 2 theme. It’s like Christmas arrived again at my doorstep with a crate full of joy. I’m such a big Halo fan that I don’t think I stopped smiling throughout my entire time unboxing the crate.

First, just seeing the Halo Legendary Crate symbol on the box was immensely exciting. But then opening it to see the full design of the box and all the Halo goodness inside was excellent. I first pulled out “top secret” UNSC Data Drop Files that provide intel on the UNSC Spirit of Fire. And then took out the Atriox t-shirt and Banished symbol pin. That was followed up with me taking out a clever Spartan helmet stress ball that those who’ve played Halo Wars 2 will definitely appreciate. The crate also includes an awesome Halo Wars 2 Atriox mouse pad and a UNSC Spirit of Fire Crewmember Logbook to use for taking notes.

By the way, I totally want to use the Crewmember Logbook for work, but at the same time I don’t want it to get used because it’s really nicely done. But I might as well make practical use of it. And before I forget, the Crate also comes with a Halo Wars 2 mini-poster that has an Xbox Live Code on the back for claiming two unique downloadable skins for units in Halo Wars 2.

I definitely love every item that came in the Halo Legendary Crate – Halo Wars 2 edition, but it’s definitely the statue of Atriox that seals the deal on this being a fantastic package. I love the design of Atriox smashing the ground while he is elevated in the air. The figure holds together really well in that position and doesn’t have any balancing issues whatsoever. It’s certainly cool having it on the shelf sitting next to one of my Master Chief figures.

My entire experience with this edition of the Halo Legendary Crate has made me a huge believer in the crates from Loot Crate. I can’t wait for more Halo gear, gaming gear, and even the upcoming Limited Edition Crate for Mass Effect: Andromeda. If you’re a fan of Halo and have the shelf space, then please don’t be like me and let these crates pass you by. We all love loot, whether it’s in the games we play or from the crates that arrive at our doorsteps, it’s always fun to collect new items.

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