Jon Watts Didn’t Recognize Zendaya Without Make-Up


Zendaya “looked like a completely different person” for her screen test for Spider-Man: Homecoming, according to director Jon Watts.

The 35-year-old moviemaker has admitted he didn’t recognize Zendaya, 20, when she auditioned for the role of Michelle in the new superhero movie, because he’d always previously seen her while she was wearing make-up.

But Jon has hailed Zendaya as “an amazingly technical actor” and also admitted to being humbled by her talent.

He told America’s Vogue magazine: “It makes me feel like such a bozo when I’m in front of someone who is that young and already just so good at what they do.”

Meanwhile, Zendaya’s stylist Law Roach previously revealed that despite the actress’ glamorous appearance, she actually loves to dress casually.

He shared: “She’s such a tomboy and is just so happy in sweats and sneakers. I’m the one pushing for her to wear sunglasses with a nice bag in the airport in case she gets papped. And she’ll say ‘nobody cares about that’. That part of her is the core of who she is, although for the red carpet she loves to be that other girl that’s super glamorous who people love.”

Law claimed that the Hollywood star is comfortable in her own skin, meaning she doesn’t worry about the perceptions of other people.

He said: “When you step into something and you don’t have any concern about what people are going to say the next day then you’re so free and able to fly as high as you can. And I think that’s what excites us both about when we put on clothes and she steps on that carpet.”


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