‘The Resident’ 1.4 Recap and Review: Identity Crisis

The Resident

There was heart-stopping drama at Chastain Park this week, both figuratively and literally. I’ve never been more nervous while watching a … drama before … I had to pause the episode two separate times to take calming breaths. It gets intense, I tell you. Nonetheless, it’s some good drama.

The first couple of minutes alone are enough to send your brain into overdrive; a first-time ER nurse is taking selfies while on the clock, just seconds after a rush of patients come in with injuries. Then, she panicked – not knowing how to handle emergency situations can be very scary. It helps to always be prepared. In this case, she wasn’t. She was distracted and not thinking clearly, and that cost her someone’s life. To top it all off, the ER was a mess. And it was her FIRST DAY on the job.

Working at a hospital isn’t easy, and it’s not fun and games either. If I have to trust my life to you, I expect you to try your hardest, and make your best effort. I don’t expect you to have all the answers – I can’t expect you to know everything. But I have come to expect you to do what’s needed in order to treat, and hopefully resolve, my medical issues. Yes, it’s television gold, but it unfortunately happens in real life, and that’s scary. The lesson is: get off your phone, and read up on protocols. PLEASE.

Oh, and never let someone who is good at their job go. There’s just so many other ways they could’ve handled budget constraints.

One thing’s for sure, I just want Conrad to take care of me, and not just because he’s sexy and handsome. He may be bending and breaking hospital rules left and right, but you can tell he genuinely cares about all patients and employees (e.g., all the lengths he went to to find out who the “John Doe” is). I’m all for Nic and Dr. Pravesh too, and even Dr. Okafor, though her approach is more brawn than heart – they’re all good peeps so far, and I want them at MY hospital.

The Resident will return in three weeks, as well I with new reviews!

Things to ponder:

  • To add on to the scary downsides, how did you feel about Dr. Bell operating on that elderly woman? I guess whatever medication he was on was obviously working, though there was a second where his patient almost died on his table. I was hoping he’d fail, that his patient survives but sues and exposes him on the grounds of her medical procedure going horribly wrong – I just want him to pay the price he deserves. But I guess it’s too early to ask for that.
  • And what of Dr. Hunter? She’s pretty shady now too. What’s going on at her clinic? Nic was close to exposing her too! It may be a little too early for that, too.
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