‘The 100’ 5.04 Recap and Review: Pandora’s Box

Well, Pandora’s box was definitely opened, and there were betrayals inside. But there were also reunions – SO MANY REUNIONS – and … new pairings!?

To say that this week’s episode of The 100 was mind-blowing is an understatement. From the first scene to the last, I cried, flailed, and screamed, and repeated the three all throughout the hour, and even minutes upon the hour. The word “epic” was meant for an episode such as this.

If you thought that the best was “Day Trip” and nothing more, hang on – this might top that. Strike that, it’ll definitely top that. And yes, I’m talking about the Bellarke reunion. I know what I’m about, okay?

“You’re really here” – the three most important words (from this episode, anyway). Though brief, the reunion scene between Bellamy and Clarke was nothing short of beautiful and perfect. Yes, Bellamy is with Echo – romantically, if you will – but DAMN, if this was not the most intimate, romantic thing. Remember this: even if they don’t go full out, there is no denying that they’re MFEO. Hate them or love them, their relationship is the heart of The 100’s narrative, whatever their relationship may be.

But the line that went, “Kill the hostage taker and his GIRLFRIEND” – why include that in the script if it’s not meant as such!? Come on, it wasn’t just for science.

Humor me for a second. Let’s dive deeply into their hug a bit. First, he ran to her. HE RAN TO HER! And just by the way that she reacted to him, as if she couldn’t believe who she was seeing – her eyes said so much more than her lips could utter.

And Bellamy? His looks of longing were especially profound. And his hands on her body – the way that that shot was directed and edited, totally platonic. (Yes, that was sarcasm.) But didn’t you just love the parallel from season four, when Clarke’s hands come around his body, gripping and tightening her hands together? Cinematography is such a beautiful craft.

Moving on: Murphy and Raven’s reactions to Clarke … I’m glad that they included those seconds of them talking to each other for the first time in six years. Raven’s reaction warmed my heart, while Murphy’s reaction was hilarious – they’ll be reuniting soon, right? I need the band back together!

But speaking of Murphy and Raven, is anyone shipping them yet, or?

As much as I don’t mind a Murven romance, I kind of hope that they stay on the platonic. I’ve seen their chemistry, but they’re more BrOTP-ish, to me, because I already ship Raven with Shaw (yes, they’re a thing), and there’s still Emori, too, so … (For the record, I love Emori in her new techy role. It’s shaped her character in a positive way, making her more lovable. I want her back with Murphy, even though I live for their pettiness toward one another!)

But how cute were Raven and Shaw? (“Real cute!”) They haven’t even met face-to-face yet, but they’re perfect for each other. They’re practically the same person, so it was only a matter of time – Raven deserves a good love interest.

Now, aside from the romantic declarations reunions and the meet cutes, there were betrayals.

Let’s check in with Bellamy and Octavia: their reunion was emotional and heartwarming, but was definitely short-lived. Why is everything his fault? He was just trying to save everyone! Something tells me that this is post-Lincoln’s assassination, all over again, and I’m already dreading it – it already hurts.

And this thing between Kane and Octavia: I can tell that she was delaying his inevitable demise, and on purpose. She didn’t want to kill him; she may be the Blodreina, but she didn’t want him to die. And Kane was basically trying to save her soul, for she has gone mad. Despite her feeling betrayed by Kabby, it was good to see her protecting them from the Eligius, in the end.

And one more plot point – why do you think the Eligius need Abby? Is someone pregnant? ARE THERE ALIENS? I feel so betrayed by them – why can’t they just listen to Shaw? Shaw is always right!

Personal relationships aside, I think of “Pandora’s Box” as a blending of all of the stories from the first three episodes together, married to be one palatable, satisfying narrative. I keep saying that this season is the best yet, and I haven’t been wrong so far. This season’s storytelling is, imo, pretty damned flawless. It really is my most favorite season to date, the main reason being is because of the story’s content and character development. I can’t wait to rave about next week.

A few stray thoughts:

  • Diyoza may be the first Navy SEAL who I cannot stand. She and McCreary, can we lock them in the bunker? But not Shaw – we LOVE Shaw.
  • Upon stepping out of the bunker, was anyone else waiting for a season one call-back – Octavia saying, “We’re back, bitches,” upon stepping off of The Dropship?
  • I love that Indra and Kane are still close allies, and that she’s protecting him from Octavia.
  • I wanted more Mackson. And Kabby. Oh, my God, did my heart break for them.
  • Seriously, where’s Niylah!?
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