Nestor Carbonell Talks Healing, Magic, and ‘Midnight, Texas’ Season 2

When we arrived in beautiful and dusty New Mexico, we knew exactly who we’d be talking to, but suddenly an actor appeared who wasn’t on our itinerary: Nestor Carbonell. From Bates Motel to The Dark Knight, Mr. Carbonell is a wealth of acting talent and one of the newest members to the Midnight, Texas cast. He sat down with us to talk about his character Kai, and the introduction of spiritual healing to the tiny town.

Midnight, Texas premieres at 9/8c on October 26th, we’ll be releasing plenty of information for fans to gorge themselves on: tons of pictures and interviews with the cast and crew! Enjoy some of the photos below, and check back here soon for more! Until then, catch up on the first season via or the NBC app!


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