Jason Lewis Talks Changes, Love, and ‘Midnight, Texas’ Season 2

Artist, angel, outcast. Midnight, Texas is home to many special individuals, but Joe Strong (Jason Lewis) is truly a being caught between two worlds. Having been cast out of heaven for falling in love with a conflicted demon, Joe’s story hits home for many of us who feel alone in a society so torn by religion and social order.

While on our set visit for the show’s second season, we spoke with Jason Lewis about his character and how humanity has affected the guardian of light.

Midnight, Texas premieres at 9/8c on October 26th, we’ll be releasing plenty of information for fans to gorge themselves on: tons of pictures and interviews with the cast and crew! Enjoy some of the photos below, and check back here soon for more! Until then, catch up on the first season via NBC.com or the NBC app!



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