Andrew W.K. Brought The Party to Terminal West

Andrew WK

On Thursday, September 27 Andrew W.K. returned to Atlanta’s Terminal West with his full band to bring the quintessential party experience to his fans on the You’re Not Alone Tour. An Andrew W.K. show is an experience like no other. On the surface you hear songs about the power of music, partying and sweating. But underneath it you experience a transcendence philosophy of positivity and reassurance rarely heard in the hard rock genre. Loud distorted guitars are accompanied by delicate keystrokes of a keyboard that increase in intensity as Andrew W.K. pulls from a never ending reserve of energy to deliver a performance like no other.

By the end of the first song, “The Power of Partying,” Andrew has sweat through his signature pristine white t-shirt. His band complimented him perfectly, not missing a beat while showcasing their own dynamic styles. The crowd was pumped up and started to thrash around during “Music Is Worth Living For.” A mosh pit formed towards the front of the stage with people energetically pushing each other and screamed along to his songs word for word. The lyrics that they are sung along to are powerful messages carried through his show like a gospel through church. It’s not surprise fans thank him profusely for helping them through some of their hardest times and lowest points in their lives. Andrew’s latest singles received a huge response for crowd. “You’re Not Alone” and “Music Is Worth Living For” became big emotional sing alongs that the audience fully endorsed. The emotional connection shared between the audience and Andrew W.K. is strong, clearly he still loves to perform for fans after nearly 20 years on the road.

If you get the chance to see him on tour I highly suggest it. Andrew pours everything into his concerts. He truly is one of a select few positive role models in the music industry. Making headlines for all the right reasons.

Article and Photos By: Ross LaVare


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