Go ‘In Search of Darkness’ with Horror’s Icons

For many years I wrote strictly about horror, somewhere around nine hundred articles. Horror was the second film genre I was exposed to as a young boy sitting in the back of a VHS rental shop in the early ’80s. The very first horror film I watched at age 5 was A Nightmare of Elm Street, and from that point my fascination with cinematic scares started, never dying out even through the questionable direct-to-video and torture porn eras.

Horror is the most versatile of all the genres, they can be comedies, dramas, romance, scary, psychological, and “so bad it’s good.” Even the villains of the films can become icons. I had Freddy Krueger feety pajamas as a kid! Think about that. A character that murders kids is branded all over children’s merchandise!

To say that horror movies is important to pop culture in the US and UK is an understatement. Thankfully, Robin Block, the executive producer behind In Search of the Last Action Heroes, thinks the same and has launched a crowdfunding campaign for a documentary that will look at this beloved, blood-dripping genre.

The Kickstarter has until November 4th to raise $32,528, and they’re already halfway there on the first day! If you’re interested in backing the documentary click here! As with the above mentioned documentary, the team has gathered a staggering number of horror icons to talk shop:

From the In Search of Darkness Kickstarter:

Firstly, we want to make a documentary that is dedicated just to the iconic horror movies made during the ’80s. We love ’80s Horror – not just the characters, the stories, and the personalities (as if that weren’t enough), but also the artwork, the incredible practical special effects and the way these stories were a reflection of the era itself. This decade is more than deserving of its own documentary.

Secondly, we want to create a more complete documentary than those that have gone before by expanding the standard horror doc lineup beyond the ’80s icons. We have immense admiration for the men and women who made these films, but the story doesn’t end there, quite the opposite – that’s just where the story began.

From there, ’80s horror seeped its way into popular culture, having a profound influence on its fans and inspiring artwork, music & fashion. To get a better sense of its impact, we’ll also be interviewing modern horror masters and popular horror influencers to get their unique takes on these movies and how they influenced the horror genre, the fans who watched them, and society itself.

Our horror influencers, many of whom run popular Horror YouTube channels or edit well-known horror sites, represent the perspective of fans. The modern horror creators offer another viewpoint, having been influenced by these ’80s legends before going into the industry themselves. Together, these three viewpoints will enable us to deliver the definitive ’80s horror documentary.



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