David Clennon Talks ‘Welcome to the Men’s Group’

Actor David Clennon sat down to speak with us about an interesting film called Welcome to the Men’s Group. Clennon has seen his fair share of things as an actor, from Peter Sellers’s last great role, to an intergalactic shape-shifting alien, but what about complexity of a man’s psyche when he sequestered away with other men?

Welcome to the Men’s Group is a bit of an affirmation for men who find themselves stuck between the various social movements of the present, and the expectations set by traditional American values. The film, directed by Man Men‘s Joseph Culp, was quite an unexpected viewing venture for yours truly. When most cinematic representations of men imagine us as either dolts or heroes, it is easy to forget that many of us harbor a lot of hidden emotions, fears, desires, dreams, and pain. This film explores how those things affect males from various walks of life.

Check out the interview below as we explore as Mr. Clennon and I take a deep look into this indie picture.


Joseph Culp and Scott Ben-Yashar bring you a film that explores what happens in a men’s group when people are no longer willing to hide behind social conventions. Welcome to the Men’s Group is a comedy-drama that explores real-life issues that affect everyone (not just men). The modern male is under pressure like never before, and WTTMG explores how men deal, or don’t deal, with these issues, and how it effects their lives and families.


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