Celebrating ‘Superpower Dogs’ with our Favorite Chris Evans and Dodger Pictures

Chris Evans

When the trailer first premiered for Superpower Dogs, we were thrilled for a few reasons. First and foremost, we love dogs – they truly are mans best friend. From their sweet and feisty personalities to their adorable tail wagging and yawns – everything dogs do is cute.

In addition to our love for dogs, we were really excited because the narrating voice for the film is none other than our favorite Chris…Chris Evans.

Chris is pretty powerful himself, not just on screen, but in his day to day life. If you ask his fans, they’d tell you that he’s truly a glimmer of light. Not only did he solidify a place in all of our hearts as Captain America, he also solidified a place in our hearts as someone who is encouraging, honest, kind, and vulnerable.

He’s also a massive dog lover himself, which comes as no surprise to his fans. One of our favorite things to see on social media are the reunions between Chris and Dodger after he’s been away working. We love the photos he shares and the video clips of the relationship that they share.

So, in our opinion, there was truly no one better to take on the role of the narrator in this film.

To celebrate Superpower Dogs‘ upcoming debut, we wanted to highlight some of our favorite moments between Chris Dodger and share them with you.

To start with, we had to share a video that Chris posted to Twitter that had all of us tearing up. It shows the first time Chris and Dodger met, and he included a note about how hard Dodger was trying to behave…he wanted to be a good dog (and he totally was) but he couldn’t help running over to Chris and saying hello.

In December of 2018, Chris shared some selfies with Dodger that stole our hearts. It’s not hard to see why.

Before their impromptu cuddle session, Dodger posed next to Chris for an adorable shot.

Back in October, Chris shared a picture of Dodger that gets better the longer you stare at it. Also, we love lying on the sofa with our favorite blanket too. We truly feel him on this one.

There was also this picture of Chris ‘hanging with some cool dudes’ before a trip to Disney World. We’ll be waiting for our invite, next time.

He also took Dodger to the set of A4. We only teared up a little bit.

He also shared some of Dodger’s talent with all of us, as he found someone at the dog park to sing a powerful duet with.

In 2018, Chris’ birthday wishes to Chris Pratt included a cameo from Dodger, and we have to say, this one is one of the best.

There are also a few tweets in a row where he shares Dodger and his stuffed lion that sings. Of course, Dodger wanted to join in on the fun.

There’s also this dog of them reuniting after he was away for 10 weeks. If you don’t think this is one of the cutest things you’ve ever seen…we’ve got of questions.

Before they were reunited, he shared a couple pictures and videos where he was missing his best pal, this was one of our favorites.

If you look at his Twitter feed around August and September of 2017, you’ll see a lot of these sweet moments.

Dodger also sat nicely next to Chris and wondered if he’d like to go play outside on a sunny day in July.

There’s also this adorable Valentines Day wish, which is the first selfie we got from Chris and Dodger on social media.

Chris adopted Dodger during the filming of Gifted, so he’s still a newer addition to Evans’ family, but it’s easy to see that he fits in as if he’s been there forever.

When you rescue a dog, you’re saving an animal…but they always end up saving a little piece of you too. It’s clear that that’s the case with Chris and Dodger as well. There is a true sense of joy in each photo and video he shares, it’s heartwarming.

Superpower Dogs hits theaters this March, but until then, we’ve got these photos of Chris and Dodger to enjoy. Lucky us.


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