7 Movies You Should Totally Watch This Valentines Day – and Wine to Pair Them With

7 Moves to Watch This Valentines

When it comes to Valentines Day, there are really two ways that those who celebrate choose to do so. You can either brave the crowded movie theaters, restaurants, and boardwalks or you can stay in for wine and a movie with your partner or your friends.

We prefer the latter, for a number of reasons. It’s more personal to be in a low key setting with those you care about than it is to be lost in the hustle and bustle of it all. It’s can be totally romantic, easy going and fun, or some mix of the two. It gives you a chance for more real conversation, laughter, and sometimes even tears – and you can have all the wine you want.

In the spirit of wine and romance, we’ve picked a few of our favorite films to watch on Valentines Day and which wines we’d pair them with. From true love to heartache, this list has it all.

Safe Haven

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We are total and complete suckers for all of Nicholas Sparks’ books and films, but there’s something really special about this one. When we decided to make a suggested watch list for Valentines Day, it came down to this one and The Notebook.

The thing about Safe Haven is that it’s the kind of movie that pulls on your heartstrings for not only the romance but for the layers of both joy and heartache that exist to build the story.

From the incredible loss that some of the characters faced to the pain others had to survive – there’s an underlying message of truly facing adversity and not just making it through…but thriving.

We recommend tissues for this film, and of course…wine.

The wine we’d pair with Safe Haven is Barefoot Bubbly Pink Moscato. It’s got a wonderfully sweet taste, the perfect aesthetically pleasing pink for Valentines Day, and it’ll go great with the chocolate you’ll probably be eating when this movie gets you all up in your feelings.

Beauty And The Beast

We’re massive Disney fans, so we couldn’t celebrate Valentines Day without recommending that you watch this movie. The thing is, you could watch the original animated version or the live-action movie – both are totally incredible.

There are a few moments in the film that really pull on our heartstrings, but our favorite has to be when the Beast basically gives Belle a library. We’re waiting for the person that gives us a library. Standards set.

The wine we’d pair with Beauty and The Beast is a nice Merlot, the taste can pair well with chocolates so grab a heart-shaped box of those too, and enjoy the Disney classic tonight.


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Remember when you used to have to change VHS tapes to watch this movie in its entirety? Good times. This film is a staple of romance if you ask us, and a lot of that comes from the imperfections of everything that happens in the story of Jack and Rose.

The two aren’t perfect and some would say they were quite detrimental to one another, but they loved each other. They truly had a bit of a whirlwind romance during their short time on the ship of dreams together. Even if Rose didn’t take turns with Jack after the ship sank or move over and let him on the door with her.

We’re only a little bitter about it, still.

When watching Titanic, we recommend a Pinot Noir. The flavor is one most wine drinkers are familiar with, and it’s comfortable – not too heavy, not too fruity nor too bitter, it’s just satisfying. That’s an emotion you’ll want to channel as you try not to throw things at your TV when Rose lets Jack sink.

Eternal Sunshine Of The Spotless Mind

This one is for those who are nursing a broken heart this Valentines Day, or for those who understand that love isn’t always rainbows and butterflies.

We’ve all seen this movie and we could all probably pinpoint memories that we’d love to erase. The thing is, it seems easy enough in theory, but what if you felt those memories slipping away? What if you realized that the pain you felt in the moment hurt less than losing that love forever?

When love ends, it causes an immense amount of pain, but when that pain begins to subside and the healing process takes over, there’s beauty to be found in those parts that are left behind.

Of course, this film has a happy enough ending, but it’s not all boxed in some picture-perfect ribbon and bow. It’s messy, it’s real, and it’s relatable.

While you’re sitting with this film and a box of tissues, we recommend opening a bottle (or two) of sweet Riesling wine. It’s a delicious white wine that will make those impossibly heartbreaking scenes easier to get through.


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This coming of age film will tug on every single heartstring you’ve got, and it’ll do so more than once. Told in three stages of life, we see a child become a young man as the weight of the world seems to weigh on his shoulders.

He’s coming to terms with his sexuality, he’s dealing with abuse (both mental/emotional and physical), and he’s trying to survive some of the hardest years of his life. There’s a lot on his plate already, and the fact that he’s not able to truly embrace who he is makes it all worse.

It’s also made unbearable by the fact that some of the worst of his pain came from those he let into his heart, which is crushing for anyone.

The story sort of comes full circle at the end and the heaviness you feel in your heart as you watch this film does too. It reminds you of the pain that some people feel just trying to live their truth, and while it’s a harsh reality, it’s one we should all be aware of, constantly.

You’ll spend a lot of this movie in an emotional place, and we recommend doing so with a nice Grillo. It’s got a delicious apple and lemon taste to it and it’s a fast favorite.

What’s Your Number

This is a more lighthearted number, one that’s perfect for a romance that’s just blossoming, or a relationship where you share the same humor. It follows Chris Evans and Anna Faris as neighbors who, through a course of hilarious mishaps and some really sweet moments, fall for one another.

That’s not to say that this movie is cliche. In all honesty, it’s anything but cliche. Yes, the girl falls for the boy next door, but not in the way you usually see portrayed.

Another great aspect of this film is that it’s based on something most women can relate to. We see some magazine article that tells us a certain way we have to live to get married or to feel sexy or to be successful and it can end up bringing us so far away from who we truly are and what we truly desire that it stands to ruin everything.

When watching What’s Your Number, we recommend opening a bottle of Rose. It’s a  light feel-good wine for a feel-good movie.

Before We Go

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This might not originally be your ‘go-to’ romance movie, but hear us out. First…it stars Chris Evans (who also had a hand in directing the film) and second…it’s not one of those films where everything happens just the way you think it should.

We follow two characters who meet by chance and end up making a massive impact on one another, and when we say massive, we mean massive. Both Nick and Brooke have been hurt before, and for one night they become everything the other needs.

There’s this mock phone call they share towards the end of the film and it made us cry the first time we saw this movie and every single time after. It’s the kind of conversation you hold in your mind when you think of the impact you hope to have on the life of someone special…one day.

When watching Before We Go, we recommend a Chardonnay. The rich flavor with hints of vanilla and caramel will go perfectly with this film. So much so that you’ll probably want a second bottle, we’re not judging you, we’re probably joining in.


What movies are you watching this Valentines Day? Let us know!

From all of us here to you and yours, we’re wishing you a Happy Valentines Day.


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