Explore Westeros and Essos in the ‘Game of Thrones’ Studio Tour

Game Of Thrones Studio Tour

With the ending of Game of Thrones not even a full week behind us, fans need something to look forward to – as the GoT prequel is at least a year or more away. This is one of the many reasons why we are so excited that Game of Thrones Studio Tour opens in Spring 2020 at the Linen Mill Studios in Northern Ireland.

Fans can expect an immersive experience with this studio tour – one that brings you to the heart of the Seven Kingdoms. Yes, this means you will relive all of your favorite GoT moments. From Joffery’s death to the Battle of the Bastards, fans are in for an interactive experience unlike any other.

From the press release here’s what we know:

“It is our sincere pleasure to announce the first attraction from the Game of Thrones Legacy project in Northern Ireland. Some of the most iconic scenes from Game of Thrones were filmed at Linen Mill Studios and our fans will soon have an opportunity to visit and see the work of the show’s incredible crew in the museum setting it deserves,” said Jeff Peters, vice president, licensing & retail, HBO.

“Linen Mill Studios is thrilled, in partnership with HBO, to have this opportunity to offer fans a unique insight into the making of the Game of Thrones series in the authentic setting of one of its foremost filming locations. We are committed to giving fans the opportunity to experience firsthand the most comprehensive selection of iconic elements from the show available anywhere in the world,” said Andrew Webb, Managing Director, Linen Mill Studios.

“Northern Ireland is very proud to host the epic adventure that is the production of Game of Thrones. Almost from the start fans of the show from near and far along with those that are just culturally curious have sought out and enjoyed visiting the public locations featured in the show. It’s now really exciting that Linen Mill Studios, one of the film studios used by Game of Thrones from the start, is soon to become open to the public as a Game of Thrones visitor experience. It is brilliant that this visitor experience is being built and developed on top of the genuine film studio where many of the most iconic Game of Thrones scenes were filmed,” said Richard Williams, Chief Executive, Northern Ireland Screen.

“We very much welcome this exciting announcement. Game of Thrones has transformed Northern Ireland into a leading international screen tourism destination, bringing many more visitors and fans of the show to Northern Ireland to explore the stunning landscapes, coastlines and mountains showcased in the series. The new attraction will also allow visitors to see the authentic sets and costumes and learn how Game of Thrones was made. The Studio Tour location at the Linen Mill Studios in Banbridge, midway between Belfast and Dublin, can be easily reached by the 11 million people who visit the Island of Ireland each year as well as providing even more reasons for international tourists to visit. I commend both Linen Mill Studios in recognising the increasing opportunity in screen tourism here and HBO’s commitment to Northern Ireland as the ‘Home of Thrones’. I have no doubt this investment will deliver a world-class visitor experience,” said John McGrillen, Chief Executive of Tourism NI.

The size of this will rather impressive as well – as it will cover 110,000 square feet!

Located within Linen Mill Studios in Banbridge, Northern Ireland—the original filming location used for many iconic scenes throughout the run of the series—the tour will bring visitors face-to-face with original set pieces, costumes, props, and weapons used to create the worlds of Westeros and Essos.

Featuring a compelling mix of behind-the-scenes insights, interactive elements, and expansive, fully dressed sets, visitors will wander in the very footsteps of Westeros’s most prominent residents, re-living key moments from the series and standing right where they took place.

Not that we’ve done that before… reenacting moments or anything…

Game of Thrones Filming Location: The Stormlands
Game of Thrones Filming Location: The Stormlands & Nagga’s Hill, Old Wyk

Don’t mind us, we’re just planning our next trip to Northern Ireland… Are you as excited about this experience as we are? Let us know your thoughts in the comment section below!


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  1. That’s pretty awesome! I’ve actually wanted to go to Ireland for a long time (I actually have some heritage there) – if I ever get the chance this would definitely be something to check out!

    1. I want to go back badly – I had an incredible time when I was there. It’s so beautiful and peaceful – rich with history and the nicest people you’ll ever meet 🙂