‘Men In Black: International’ Review: These Films Keep Getting Worse

Men In Black: International

There have been some really disappointing films coming out lately, and sadly Men in Black: International is one I’m adding to that list. The film, which released in theaters today – June 14, is not the summer blockbuster that Columbia Pictures, or fans, are hoping for. Quite simply put, it’s the worst film in the franchise.

Men in Black: International returns us to the MIB organization. Agents are still defending Earth from alien threats. And in this fourth film – they’re also trying to protect the world from a more local threat – a mole in the organization.

Men In Black: International Trailer

What I Liked and Didn’t Like

While I enjoy Chris Hemsworth and Tessa Thompson as actors in other projects, they simply can’t save this movie. The characters feel under-developed and misunderstood from the very beginning. Take Thompson’s Molly/Agent M for example, she spends her whole life focused on wanting to become an Agent. She has no relationships, no personal life, nothing to distract her from her goal. Yet the second she steps into the organization, she visibly becomes weak in the knees for Hemsworth’s Agent H. Now don’t get me wrong. It’s Hemsworth. I get it. He’s a beautiful man. But would a woman this focused on her career and determined to learn the truth of the universe really have this type of reaction? The writers went from crafting a very driven female lead to making her a stereotypical. You just lost me there, and that was like 5 minutes into the film.

The special effects are also pretty cheesy and lack any resemblance of realism. But hey, it’s Men in Black, it’s supposed to be a little goofy. It’s never been a franchise to take seriously. It’s a sci-fi comedy.

What I did like about this film I can sum up in one word – Pawny. Pawny is an adorable little alien voiced by Kumail Nanjiani, and had the whole movie just been him – I would probably be giving this film an “A.” In all honesty, he’s the only thing that kept me from wanting to find a neuralyzer to use on myself. The film is that bad.

Men in Black: International Review: Overall

While there are some laughs, and even a funny and subtle Thor moment, this film is sloppy and stale. The chemistry between Hemsworth and Thompson is undetectable due to painful dialogue that made me physically cringe more than once. The story is predictable, the effects are meh, and it’s just not worth your time. For the third week in a row, I’m advising people to just go see Rocketman – even if it’s the third time you’re going. The good news is that next Friday brings the release of Toy Story 4, and you can expect a raving review from me on that one!

Men In Black International Review:

Grade: D


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  1. Good insightful review that mirrors my exact underwhelmed sentiments about this snoozer of a movie. I had moderate expectations and they were dashed to bits and pieces. At least, the Fox theater was a beautiful venue to enjoy the screening.
    If they decide to do a MIB5, please get it right.*wishing I had been neuralyzed too*

    1. On the exact same page as you! Although I have to say watching any movie at the Fox Theatre makes it a better movie experience 🙂