Magically Refilled Beer (Inspired By Thor) Is Coming to Disneyland’s Avengers Campus!

Just days ago, news broke that Avengers Campus is a go at California’s Disneyland. Fans of the heroes (and villains) within the Marvel Universe are ecstatic at a chance to spend time immersed in one of our favorite realms.

There’s a brand of magic within the experience at Disney Parks, one you can’t find anywhere else. Introducing Avengers Campus to the mix is going to create memories for fans across the world that will last a lifetime.

When we think of Disney, we can tell you some of our favorite memories revolve around the snacks and drinks! So we’re really looking forward to seeing what we’ll be privy to at the Avengers Campus! One drink that we’re most excited about brings two of our favorite things together.

Thor and beer! Not just beer, but magical beer. shared information on the ‘magical’ refillable beers that fans will be able to enjoy at the Avengers Campus. They’ll be served by cast members portraying scientists (which is absolutely incredible). If you’ve been to Galaxy’s Edge, you know how amazing the immersive experience is there. We’re expecting much of the same within Avengers Campus.

Beverage Project Manager at Disneyland Resort, Jeannie Villarreal-Bissell, explained the science behind the beer. In terms of what the scientists will do:

“…simply grab a vessel, they’ll walk over, they’ll attach it, and then magically the beer dispenses from the base. At the same time there’s a magical light show that appears and then the cast member actually can walk away, perform another task, and the beer will continue to fill, and it will automatically stop. Then they remove the cup and serve it to our guests.”

We could get used to magically refillable beers. In fact, we anticipate being a bit spoiled by them once we visit Avengers Campus. Plus, Disney just has a special brand of magic!

Director of Food & Beverage, Michele Gendreau, from Disneyland Resort’s Experience & Integration team, had this to say about the experience.

“We’re excited to be able to put a reverse tap system in and that magic will be able to be seen from our guests at the counter when they come up to the Pym Tasting Lab, to be able to experience that. I think it’ll just be a fun nod to the universe, to the Avengers universe.”

We’re so thrilled that every detail is being paid close attention to for Avengers Campus.

Are you excited to visit Avengers Campus? Do you plan on making a trip this year, or letting the crowds get a bit smaller before you surround yourself with your favorite heroes? Let us know!


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