Marvel Studios’ ‘Black Widow’ Release Delayed Due to Coronavirus

Black Widow
Fans of the MCU got news today that Marvel Studios’ Black Widow’s release is getting delayed and well… we can’t say it was totally unexpected. Black Widow is a film we are all excited about, especially with the release of the final trailer just days ago, and it’s a story we’ve been waiting to hear for years. We’ll just have to wait a little longer, now.
A number of other films have been delayed alongside the spread of the Coronavirus, but Black Widow is a little different. It’s part of the MCU… part of a bigger storytelling realm. The releases for the films are always very precise when it comes to the bigger picture within the Marvel Cinematic Universe. That means it’s entirely possible that this delay is just the first of many.
When you add in the releases of the upcoming series’ on Disney +, and for the first time in a while…fans of the MCU could see a big pause when it comes to the tales of our heroes. Especially with production being shut down on many films and series’ around the world – including The Falcon and The Winter Soldier.
In the bigger picture, it’s for the health and safety of those around the globe. From the actors and actresses to the fans and even the family members who might not know Captain America from Spider-Man (hey, it sounds crazy…but it’s possible). So we understand the delays, but it does leave us wondering – and that’s okay too.
Some delayed films already have new release dates, but they’re as late as November of 2020 and even April 2021 – for Fast 9. Theater chains are also being closed due to new ‘advised restrictions’ on public gatherings. It can be hard to keep up with all the news, so we’re doing it for you. We’ll keep our eyes out on delayed schedules for some of your most anticipated films and keep you updated with any news, here.
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