The 2020 Vision: A Look At The Changing Face Of Gaming


Video gaming dates back to the 1950s, but has undergone several major evolutions since the 1980s. From migrating to the field of home entertainment to the birth of online gaming and VR, the industry has changed at a rapid rate. And it continues to do so…

The 2020s are set to be another decade of significant advancement, as has already been seen in the first few months. Through a combo of new innovations and building upon the success of technologies from the 2010s, exciting moments are assured. Here are the biggest developments to expect over the next few years.

Gaming To Become More Mainstream Than Ever

Once upon a time, gaming was firmly placed in the ‘geek pastime’ niche. However, a look at the modern gaming audience shows that there is a far more universal appeal than ever before. Even people in their 40s grew up with game consoles, confirming a significant generational shift. Meanwhile, generations before millennials have had to become more tech-savvy too. This has naturally resulted in a noticeable percentage turning to games.

Video games have entered the mainstream for a number of other reasons. While films based on games can be dated back to the 1990s (Super Mario Bros, Street Fighter), the frequency and quality have grown in more recent times. The Tomb Raider and Assassin’s Creed franchises are two examples. Meanwhile, Sonic The Hedgehog was released just weeks into this decade. Similarly, a lot of games have been designed to accompany film releases.

This is supported by the growth of eSports, not least in terms of TV and live streaming coverage. The transition to mainstream entertainment is virtually secured.

A Fluid & Flexible Gaming Arena Awaits

Video games once existed exclusively as huge arcade units. Over the years, they have become smaller and smaller. While pocket-sized games have been available for around 30 years, the capabilities posed by modern tech are now incredible. Thanks to the Internet of Things and augmented reality, recent years have seen remarkable features like Pokemon Go. Similarly, the Nintendo Switch has brought the power of a full console to the handheld market.

The current decade is set to see a huge shift towards more flexible gaming. A look at how cross-platform gaming will change the online gaming world is particularly insightful. The way that players interact with titles is set to evolve. Crucially, the increased access and portability of cloud-based gaming is set to change the face of gaming too. Cross-platform games may even reduce the tension surrounding the console wars.

Gaming could move to far more flexible setups, which will further support the growth among new audiences.

The Next Generation To Arrive

By now, any gaming fan will know that the PS5 is set for release later in 2020. Similarly, the Xbox Series X is due out ahead of the festive period. After seven years without a new console, the next-gen solutions are much-needed. After all, technology has progressed at a rapid rate in those years. While a lot of details have been kept under wrap by Microsoft and Sony, respectively, this is a hugely exciting time.

The PS4 and Xbox One have adapted well to the recent evolution. However, the new consoles are designed with the advanced capabilities in mind. The VR experiences, online gaming, and immersive gaming experiences will be cranked up a notch. Faster loading times, more powerful CPUs, and superior graphics will deliver better experiences. Gamers will have it better than ever while the online interactions bring even greater prospects.

This is probably the greatest upgrade between generations since the late 1990s. This was the move from the SEGA Genesis and Nintendo Snes to the PS1, N64, and Dreamcast. A new dawn is here.

The Lowdown

The current decade is set to be a hugely exciting time for the gaming industry as it sells more units than ever before. Meanwhile, an extensive range of noteworthy rewards will emerge and develop, including;

  • A new generation of consoles.
  • Cross-platform online gaming.
  • Virtual and augmented reality.
  • The explosion of eSports.
  • Independent game developers.
  • Average gamer age increases.
  • Gaming moves into other media.

Whether you’re a casual gamer or a passionate player, the truth is that there’s never been a better time for the industry. The early signs are that this decade will take the landscape to places that most people would have never dreamed of at the start of the 2010s.

Best of all, the evolution will be in full swing by the start of 2021. We can barely contain our excitement.


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