‘The Invisible Man’ Contest: Win a Copy of ‘The Invisible Man’ on Blu-Ray/DVD!

The Invisible Man DVD

We’ve got a new giveaway up! In celebration of The Invisible Man‘s release on Blu-Ray/DVD on May 26 – we are giving away 3 Blu-Ray/DVD copies of the film!

If you haven’t seen The Invisible Man (Rated R) yet, here’s what you need to know!

THE INVISIBLE MAN, an intense, modern-day psychological thriller, becomes available to own for the first time on digital May 12, 2020, and on 4K UHD, Blu-ray™ and DVD on May 26, 2020, from Universal Pictures Home Entertainment. From iconic producer Jason Blum (Halloween, Split, Get Out, Us) and director Leigh Whannell(Saw, Insidious, Upgrade), this psychological thriller modernizes Universal’s shapeshifting, classic monster against a backdrop of an empowered woman facing her tormentor. “A cutting, contemporary work of socially conscious horror” (Peter Travers, Rolling Stone), THE INVISIBLE MAN comes home with never-before-seen bonus content.

THE INVISIBLE MAN follows a modern tale of obsession inspired by Universal’s classic monster character. Cecilia Kass(Elisabeth Moss) slowly begins to rebuild her life after the death of her abusive ex-boyfriend (Oliver Jackson-Cohen). But before long, she begins to question whether or not he is truly gone. In addition to the feature, THE INVISIBLE MANdelivers up twenty minutes of exclusive bonus content, including a chance to better get acquainted with the film’s leading actress: Elisabeth Moss, feature commentary with the writer/director and deleted scenes you won’t want to miss.

Win a Copy of The Invisible Man on Blu-Ray/DVD!

Want to win (1) of 3 The Invisible Man on Blu-Ray/DVD that we’re giving away? Here’s all you have to do:

  • Leave a comment below letting us know why you want to see this film – or if you’ve already seen it, how much you loved it!
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  • By commenting below you are confirming that you’re over the age of 18 and live in the United States. (This contest is only open to US Residents over the age of 18)

Good luck!! This contest ends on June 1, 2020.

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  1. I think this looks like a thrilling movie. I can’t wait to see it.

    1. I absolutely love this film and think it is the best film released in 2020 so far!

    2. So glad I got to see it in theatres before everything closed! It was so tense and Elisabeth Moss was phenomenal.

  2. I was able to see this movie as a preview before the craziness of Convid. I honestly didn’t have high expectations, but it definitely blew away my doubts. Highly recommend to everyone.

  3. This is one of the movies I have been looking forward to watching!!!

  4. This movie was sooo good and suspenseful! I definitely would like to add it to my collection!

  5. So glad I got to see it in theatres before everything closed! It was so tense and Elisabeth Moss was phenomenal.

  6. My friend saw this in the theater and said she loved it and it was a good remake. I can’t wait to see it.

  7. I was fortunate enough to see ‘The Invisible Man’ when it was released in movie theaters, and I must say that I thoroughly enjoyed the film from start to finish. And It was refreshing to see a new take (done right) on a Universal Studios Monster classic! My hope is that this film will reignite the Universal Classic Monsters and reset the Dark Universe series of films.

  8. I’ve been hearing a lot of hype over this movie and would love to see it! Elisabeth Moss is a great actor and I’d love to see her performance in this movie.

  9. I love this movie because it’s atmospheric, well written & acted & above all, genuinely terrifying. I love how it mixed very real horror like abusers with a sci fi twist. So glad I got a chance to see it in theaters before everything shut down. The audience was very reactionary and added to the experience

  10. I would be thrilled win and to get to watch the dvd with my family! Being isolated for months has been quite challenging for all of us. We miss going to the movies! Thank you for this special giveaway to enter!

  11. This looks like a great thriller, I haven’t seen a good one in a bit!

  12. i missed this when it made it to theaters and now im bummed i did. i miss theaters….popcorn, nachos.

  13. I want to see this movie because I’m a huge fan of leigh whannell’s work. I saw upgrade on opening weekend and have been infatuated ever since.

  14. Loved Leigh Whannel’s Upgrade, so I’m stoked for this one, too

  15. I want to see this because it looks so suspenseful and interesting! I’ve heard it’s a great film, but I haven’t had the chance to see it yet.

  16. Everything shut down so quickly here, it was impossible to get out to see this film, and there’s nothing as fun as going to experience a great creepy film in the theaters! So, with theaters on hold for the time being, I’d love the chance to make some popcorn, open a box of Milk Duds, and sit back and bring that experience home with this film! That sounds like a great relief valve after the past couple months!

  17. Missed it in theaters during the busy season at work… then missed my chance to see it late in theaters when the pandemic hit. I really want to see how they modernize this old horror trope with some female empowerment mixed in for good measure.

  18. I enjoy horror movies in general and after reading many glowing reviews, I definitely would love to see it.

  19. I want to see it because I need a new thrilling movie in rotation. Too many kids cartoons lately because of my daughter haha

  20. I never got the chance to see it, but I really, really want to. Elisabeth Moss is definitely one of the finest actresses of her generation, and she continues to prove that.

  21. Missed it at the theaters – would appreciate the opportunity to watch it. Thank you.
    Go Elizabeth Banks!!! ??????

  22. OMG – I did not, but I had a brain fart – I meant and was thinking Elizabeth Moss!
    May The Lord Open…

  23. I have been wanting to see this film since I first heard about it. It looks like a very solid, terrifying, and unpredictable thriller. I love Elisabeth Moss, which is always a big plus.

  24. I had a chance to watch it was soooo thrilling and soooo good! definitely a movie I would LOVE to have for my collection!!!

  25. I want to see it because I didn’t get a chance to when it was in theaters, and it looks like a good movie.

  26. A huge congrats to our winners – Brad, Andrew and David! You were picked by our random comment picker app!

    1. Thank you so much for this Emma. Congrats to Andrew and David too.

  27. Thank you so much for picking me Emma- congrats to the other winners too! Much appreciated!

  28. I can’t find an ending date for this? I want to see it because I love Moss. I have become a fan since The handmaid’s tale.

    1. Hi Kriss! This just ended on June 1, we just announced the winners yesterday. But please keep checking back – we have some great contests coming online this summer!! 🙂

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