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DVD Review: Snow Angels

DVD Review: Snow Angels


“Snow Angels,” adapted from the novel of the same title by Stewart O’Nan, is two stories of love and loss converging. One is of a recently separated couple attempting to pick up the threads of a future when faced with tragedy. The second is about an awkward young man, currently in the throes of discovering his first romance, forced to deal with the separation and subsequent strife of his parents’ relationship.

Until this year, director David Gordon Green has made hard hitting drama films. This past summer however, he took a stab at comedy with Pineapple Express. He’s not quite a veteran, but definitely knows his way around a camera as evident in Snow Angels.

Arthur Parkinson (Angarano) is doing whatever he can to not let the crumbling romances and lives of the adults close to him ruin his outlook on the future. Annie (Beckinsale) and Glenn (Rockwell) are separated for reasons that you will learn early on. Glenn is not ready to give up on Annie quite yet, even though she’s moved on to another relationship with a married man (Katt). There is a heart-wrenching twist towards the end that will leave you holding your heart, wondering if what you saw was real.

This movie definitely takes its time with character building, and waits until the very end to pull the rug out from under your feet. It’s not what I would call a feel-good movie in any way, but if you are looking for a movie that makes you feel torn like Crash.

Review by Charlie Giltenboth

Grade: C+
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