Caitriona Balfe Reveals Her Theory on How ‘Outlander’ Will End

Outlander Season 6

With Outlander Season 7 in production, and another droughtlander to wade through, many fans wondering how many seasons are left in the series. The good news is the ending isn’t near. But Caitriona Balfe, who stars as Claire Fraser, isn’t shy about sharing her theories on how the story will wrap up.

“I think it has to be a Romeo and Juliet moment, right. Where we are both together. Or a Naoise and Deirdre moment where Jamie and Claire sort of lie down together and slowly drift off,” Balfe tells Digital Spy, “I don’t think one can survive without the other and I don’t think Claire will leave him at all.”

“Nobody is eternal, so at some point, someone is going to have to croak it so they might as well do it together!” Balfe continues.

Outlander Season 6

Caitriona Balfe on How Long Outlander Could Last

“I think I have always said that as long as the material continues to be challenging and the writing continues to challenge us, and there are new things for us to explore as actors, then that is all you want as an actor,” Balfe adds.

“What we know now is we have this great season 7 picked up, and it is going to be 16 episodes, and we are all in a little way girding ourselves to have the stamina to be able to do that, because we will be shooting for 13 months pretty much, which is going to be really intense,” She continues. “So, to be honest, to think beyond that doesn’t really serve us – and those decisions are not in our hands anyway, so we’ll see!

Has Diane Gabaldon revealed how she wants Outlander to end? 

With Outlander based on the incredible book series by Diana Gabaldon, we’ve been getting a season of the series for every book. And Gabaldon is working on a 10th book. As of right now, the 10th book will be the last, but that doesn’t mean that Gabaldon might not change her mind and realize there is more story to tell. (At least that’s our hope)

But this is also just the main series in the Outlander Saga. There are also Lord John Grey novellas which Gabaldon has penned. And we also know that she plans to write a prequel that will focus on Jamie’s parents. There’s also talk about creating a novel around Master Raymond.

So while we never want to think about Outlander coming to and end, fans can at least take comfort in knowing there are still many more stories to be told in the Outlander-universe.

But has Gabaldon revealed how she wants the series to end?

She said: “I think she has told Sam something about his character, but then I think he is just really nosy and he badgered her!” Balfe reveals. “I’m quite happy to let the mystery live, and just find out when I need to find out.”

How would you like to see Jamie and Clare’s story end? Do you share Caitriona Balfe’s theory? Are you excited for Outlander Season 7? Sound off in the comments below.


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  1. I think this story will end as it began. Jamie was a ghost in the beginning when Frank encountered him. I do believe this story will be nothing more than a fantasy. Claire goes back in time and is with a ghost from the past, who has integral ties with Claire’s family. It will just end as a fantasy.