‘The Lying Game’ Review: Bad Boys Break Hearts

My jaw is on the floor! Wow, that episode of The Lying Game was crazy, to say the least! I keep on thinking that they’re going to eventually run out of cliffhangers. Nope, not going to happen. They always prove me wrong, every week!

This week was no exception! Not only did it shock me, but it also featured some completely ‘aww’ worthy, jaw-dropping, and completely insane moments! Here are some of my favorites this week!

1. Sisterly Love!
I love Emma (Alexandra Chando) and Laurel (Allie Gonino) together. It’s pretty sad, though, that Emma’s being a better sister to Laurel than Sutton ever was. The episode begins with some ‘sisterly’ bonding. It starts off right after the homecoming dance, with Laurel and Emma laying on the bed discussing their Cinderella night.

“Just remember that in the Cinderella story when the clock struck midnight, it all turned to crap.” -Emma

This line kind of foreshadows Laurel and Emma’s plot during the rest of the episode. At first it’s all magic, but it soon turns to, well, crap.

2. Ethan and Emma:
Total given. Ethan (Blair Redford) and Emma are perfection. I can’t get over how adorable they are. Though, I have to say, Emma trying to be with her TWIN sister’s boyfriend? No bueno, not cool at all. Even Ethan thinks it’s wrong. So, instead of breaking it off with Emma, spoiler alert, he ends it with Sutton. Again, total given. This was bound to happen. The Lying Game continues to broadcast the fact that everyone loves Emma more than Sutton, to tell the truth.

After Ethan breaks it off with Sutton, he has his first official date with Emma! This is definitely an ‘aww’ worthy moment. Well, until Ethan blows up at Emma for hiding something. Everything was perfect. This is when I knew something horrible was about to happen. You cannot have perfect moments in TV. It’s not possible, especially when said show is a drama.

Emma had failed to mention that Sutton could have possibly cheated on Ethan with Thayer.

“I thought that if I told you, you would break up with Sutton… And then I wouldn’t be able to tell if you were choosing me, for me, if we ended up together!” -Emma

Ouch. Poor Ethan! Honestly, I’m siding with Emma, though. She didn’t lie. That’s, that.

3. Laurel and Justin:
Where do I begin? From my past reviews, you could tell that I love Justin (Randy Wayne), but I didn’t trust his intentions. I suppose I was right, and wrong. During this episode, Laurel tried to take the next step. The hardest of tasks, meeting the parents. Okay, Justin is probably the best liar ever. He puts the Pretty Little Liars to shame. He starts off by saying yes to a barbeque at the Mercers with his parents, but then makes an excuse last minute to get out of it. This would have worked if it wasn’t for the school directory and a take-away plate. Laurel tries to be the sweet girlfriend and heads over to his ‘house.’ Except, Justin doesn’t live there. That would definitely throw a wrench in the relationship!

This results in more ‘sisterly’ time!

“Maybe he’s on his own, you know? He could be sleeping in his car, or youth shelter, abandoned house?” -Emma

Emma, being a primary example, was dead-on. This leads Laurel to go to a foreclosed house, to which she finds Justin.

“I really am from Portland, that wasn’t a lie. Three years ago my parents were killed in a car crash. I didn’t have any family to move in with, and so, Child Services assigned me to this couple in a little town up north. And they were nice people, but they had their hands full with three other kids. I’d always been a good golfer, and even before my parents died, I knew that a scholarship was my only way to a good college. My new school, it didn’t even have a team.” Justin

So there you have it! All the puzzle pieces finally falling together. What really made this touching, was the fact that Laurel decided to stick by him. I adore this couple.

4. Alec Rybak is an insane, psychotic, and extremely evil person! Or, just Alec Rybak:
Our main antagonist strikes again! From the very first episode, we’ve seen how far he’s willing to go to get his way. In the last episode, Eduardo (Rick Malambri) was unfortunate enough to overhear one of his private conversations. When we think all is well, it turns out that Eduardo quit his job. Not only that, but he’s moving to Chicago! First off, poor Mads! Secondly, whoa! Daddy Rybak (Adrian Pasdar) must be a part-time mobster or something. Dang.

After Mads questions her father, Eduardo just so happens to be in a car crash. Honestly, he might have caused it, he might not have. We’re still not sure if he’d be willing to kill. It’s official, Adrian Pasdar has made it on my favorite villain’s list.

To top off this amazing episode, in the last five minutes, we were hit with three cliffhangers. One, Emma’s name is out in the open. This could be nothing, but it could also be extremely dangerous. Everyone knows of Emma’s existence, kind of. I wonder how they’ll handle this!

Two, Ethan punched Thayer (Christian Alexander), who happened to return home. Having punched Thayer could be very bad for Ethan. He could risk having an infliction on his probation. That means jail. Not. Good.

Last, but definitely not least, in the final minute of last night’s episode, Sutton finally found her mother. She mouthed ‘mom,’ right before getting snatched up by someone. So now the mom has an idea of how her daughters look, AND we have no clue what happened with Sutton. Can it be next Monday yet?

Rating: A


  • What was your favorite moment during last night’s episode?
  • Do you think Alec Rybak had anything to do with Eduardo’s car accident?
  • What do you think happened between Ted Mercer, Alec Rybak, and Annie Hobbs?
  • Who’s your favorite couple on The Lying Game?
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  1. loved the show. i agree alek is pure evil. you know he is responsible for edwardo’s car crash. and he is probably why annie is in the hospital and behind sutton’s attack…. but i love emma and ethan. they need to get back together and have more “aww worthy” moments 🙂