‘Figment’ Movie: News, Production Details, and More!

Figment and Seth Rogen

There’s been no shortage of buzz around Disney’s purple dragon mascot, Figment, in recent months. The character, which is featured on the ‘Journey Into Imagination’ ride in Epcot’s Imagination Pavilion has become a theme park favorite since it was first created in 1983.

Now, Figment, who is meant to be a physical manifestation of imagination, is heading to the big screen! Seth Rogen is confirming the news that he’s working on a film based on the character. The news, which was first reported by Deadline, notes that the project will be written by Dan Hernandez, Rob McElhenney, Adam Pava, and Benji Samit.

Rob McElhenney Is Set to Direct the Film

Rob McElhenney, who is best known for his role in It’s Always Sunny Philadephia, is also set to direct the film. He’s also currently starring in FX’s Welcome to Wrexham with Ryan Reynolds, after investing in the Wrexham AFX, one of professional football’s oldest clubs.

Seth Rogen is also attached to the project as a producer.

Figment’s History

Figment, the character, was originally created in 1983 by Walt Disney Imagineers Tony Baxter, Steve Kirk, and others. And despite being a relatively unknown character in comparison to Disney’s other more mainstream characters, Figment has a passionate fan base. Attempts to update or remove the ‘Journey Into Imagination’ ride have not sat well with fans. 

Figment Movie Plot

But back to the movie, currently, there are no casting updates. But there is a brief logline about the film’s plot. It’s described as “An imaginative boy and his family are thrown for a loop when their greatest fears come to life.”

While this will be the first leading role for Figment, he has appeared in other titles, including 2019’s Toy Story 4 and 2015’s Inside Out. We’ll keep you posted as more news of the upcoming movie is announced!


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