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Home TV ‘Once Upon A Time’ Season Finale Review: A Land Without Magic
‘Once Upon A Time’ Season Finale Review: A Land Without Magic

‘Once Upon A Time’ Season Finale Review: A Land Without Magic

Is everyone still alive after that INSANE season finale of Once Upon A Time? My jaw dropped repeatedly throughout the whole episode, and I am just in awe of how epic this season has been! OUAT has quickly turned into one of my favorite shows. This fast-paced episode featured true love, deadly dragons, badass sword-fighting, and everything that makes this show stand up above all others. Now that I have, in fact, seen every episode this season, I can honestly say that the season finale was the best episode to date!

The Fairytale World:

“It was a brief flicker of light, amidst the notion of darkness.” -Rumplestiltskin (Robert Carlyle)

We pick up from our story right where we left off last week! Snow (Ginnifer Goodwin) is in an ‘eternal’ sleep, and Charming (Josh Dallas) is locked up in the Evil Queen’s (Lana Parilla) dungeon. Lucky for Charming, he is rescued by an unlikely suitor… The Huntsman AKA Graham (Jamie Dornan) is BACK! Yay! It was brief, but the sight of him on my TV, no matter how short, was enough. I’ve missed me some Dornan! Off topic, though. After Charming escapes, his first goal is to find Snow. Sadly, he runs into none other than Rumplestiltskin. An epic sword fight commences, and a deal is inevitably made. In order to possess his mother’s ring, a ring that is enchanted to shine brighter as it gets closer to Snow (thank you, Mr. Rumple) , Charming must hide the bottle of ‘true love’ in the belly of a beast. Sounds easy, right? Yeah, not even. Now, I absolutely loved this part of the episode. (And not just because of the parallel between Emma and Charming.) I loved this sequence, mostly because of the story behind it. Sleeping Beauty! Now, this just goes to show that there are obviously more stories to be told. (Season 2, here we come!) Just because Charming is, well, Charming… He completes the task and is rewarded with the ring that leads him back to Snow, and back to where our first introduction to the two characters began. Now, all that’s left of their stories (maybe) is their taking of the kingdom!


“Magic is power.” -Mr. Gold

Now, I don’t want to go into a full recap of events, because SO much happened. I’m more interested in discussing what I liked, what I didn’t like, my theories, etc. Bear with me.

Quick recap: Emma (Jennifer Morrison) believes, Henry (Jared Gilford) is deathly ill, August (Eion Bailey) turns completely to wood, Emma teams up with Mr. Gold and Regina to find bottled true love, Emma fights a dragon, Mr. Gold steals the bottled true love, Jefferson (Sebastian Stan) frees Belle (Emilie de Ravin), Belle finds Mr. Gold, Henry dies, Emma kisses his forehead and breaks the curse (and brings him back to life), Mr. Gold brings back all magic in Storybrooke.

Wow, talk about eventful! I loved every bit of it, especially the special effects. (That dragon was INSANE). One aspect, though, I was a little disappointed in. I didn’t like how Henry was brought back to life by Emma’s love. In all honesty, I thought it would have been more heartfelt if he was awoken by Regina’s love. Although the curse probably wouldn’t have been broken, I still feel that it would have been more powerful. We’ve only seen glimpses of Regina’s humanity this season, that scene would have been the perfect opportunity. Next, we must discuss Jefferson freeing Belle! Belle and Rumple are reunited, as are David and Mary Margaret! My shipper heart cannot take this! But besides the fact of how Jefferson knew where she was (raises A LOT of questions), now that she’s finally reunited with Rumplestiltskin, how will that change him? Just by watching the last few moments of OUAT, the audience could tell that Mr. Gold is still just as power-hungry as he was in the Fairytale World. What was his motive for bringing back magic? Although it’s doubtful, I’m hoping that it all ties in with his quest to find his son, Bae. One thing that I loved about this finale was all the possibilities it raised. This show can honestly go in so many directions now. If you want to discuss some of your theories of the show, definitely comment, or head to the OUAT forum! It is going to be a looooooong hiatus.

It has been one hell of a season for OUAT! Its had its ups and downs, but overall? A truly magical show. I’m definitely going to miss it while it’s on the dreadful summer hiatus. So many questions are left for us to ponder over this break. The season finale showed its audience exactly why we love this show so much. I felt as though it was a reward for being such a dedicated audience. I congratulate all of the hard workers behind the brilliance that is OUAT. How are we going to survive until season 2?!



  • Favorite moment?
  • Do you think this will be the last we see of Pinocchio?
  • Thoughts on magic being restored in Storybrooke?
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  1. In response to why Regina should have kissed Henry, episodes back when Emma told Regina do you love him (Henry) and Regina said “yes”, Emma looked at her and with her super power, (knowing when someone is telling the truth) decided to stay. Shows that Regina may say and think she loves Henry but it isn’t real true love, her heart was blackened long ago. So Emma did have the true love for her son, which she developed by taking on her role as a mother. Just a thought:)

  2. When charming yelled “SNOW!!!” at the end i died. i was like “YES?????!!!!” oh wait…he’s not talking to me LMAO

  3. Oh the possibilities! I didn’t like the smirk on Regina’s face when she saw the purple magic cloud but I’m hoping it will bring August back! When Charming and Snow found each other I swear it took my breath away! Finally, a happy ending in a world without magic (well, sort of.) Oh and I loved seeing Graham again as well, mmm!

  4. I agree that Rumpie’s quote was “amidst an ocean” rather than a notion.

    Hard to wait all summer for the Emma/Snow/Charming family reunion!

    I’m worried that Belle will walk away from Mr. Gold now that he made it obvious he puts power first. If he needs magic to find Baelfire it might be okay…worried to what lengths Regina will go to make Henry hers again.

    Does the 8:15 on the clock mean time is stuck again? Will they be in a “constant present” once again, only with Emma stuck too?

  5. The 8:15 question is a great one… I’ll be interviewing the cast and creators this year at Comic Con and I’m definitely going to be asking that! 🙂 There are so many possibilities for next season though!!! Truly a fantastic season finale!

  6. Emma, FANTASTIC that you have the enviable job of asking the cast and creators questions!! In addition to the 8:15 question, I’d love to know if the incoming magic will transform everyone to their fairy tale state–like, will flying fairies and Ruby the werewolf, etc., and will traumatize regular people on the East Coast?

  7. I thought the episode was fantastic. I don’t know why everyone thinks Rumple’s motives for throwing the “LOVE POTION” into the well were so bad. He said it was to restore what was lost – BAE! His motive in creating the Dark Curse and storing the Love Potion for a “rainy day” were the same – finding Bae. “I will you find you, Bae!” And in order to do that he will need Magic.

    I thought the reunion with Belle was sweet and as it should be. He thought she was dead – not lost. This came as quite a shock to the all-powerful and all-knowing, Rumplestiltskin. I don’t think a long, drawn out kiss would have been well-placed at the time. In the first scene, she didn’t even remember him; in the second scene the revelation had just come to her. I think they will build on their relationship in Season 2 and I think there will be a well-timed kiss. Something worth waiting for! Also worth waiting for is the exact revenge/punishment Rumple is going to inflict on Regina! That should be delicious!

    Robert Carlyle is brilliant in this role. No one else could do it the justice he has done to it. The chemistry between him and Emile de Ravin is unforced and beautiful. Truly they are “The Beauty and The Beast!”

    Can’t wait until September!

  8. And Terri – it’s hard to not have chemistry with Rumple… He’s creepy attractive. I can’t quite put my finger on it, but I think most ladies that watch this show know what I’m talking 😉 haha Thanks so much for sharing your thoughts! You brought up some great points – and hopefully we’ll get that kiss between them this fall! 🙂

  9. I absolutely fell in love with once upon a time. N I am excited n goin to be patient until season 2 premieres. Im just hoping it will be as great if not better than season 1.


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