‘Royal Pains’ 5.9 Episode Recap And Review: Pins And Needles

The cast of Royal Pains is walking on pins and needles, and with good reason: Evan desperately wants to beat Blythe Ballard and Bowman in the Village Council election, Jeremiah suspects that Hank is addicted to Hydrocodone and Paige is jealous of the bond forming between Divya and Evan. The latter has always had a love-hate-relationship, but Evan once told Divya back in season one that he had a crush on her, so I’m curious to see if the writers of Royal Pains will continue to explore this dynamic. While Paige is very likable, and she does compliment the younger Lawson brother, I’ve never actually thought they had any real chemistry. As for Hank’s problem, I think that he’s so used to taking care of his patients – as well as his sibling – that he doesn’t realize that he needs a little TLC also.

In terms of the theme for the rest of the season, I hope that the series continues with the political campaign because Evan’s never really had a real job, so it would be nice to see him in that respect. I also hope that Divya gives birth soon, so Ben Shenkman can keep getting more screen time. Not only is he a great doctor, he’s also a great friend, so I’d like to see if he’ll ever get past that stage.

Questions for Episode 10:

– Will Hank go to rehab?

– Will Evan and Paige get a divorce?

– Will Jeremiah ever get a girlfriend?

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