Troubled Rhys Meyers Pops Up On US TV Screens

British actor JONATHAN RHYS MEYERS has appeared on top talk show THE VIEW, just
hours after his mother died.

The star chatted about his TV show The Tudors and new movie August Rush, in
an interview taped last week – before his arrest for drunken behavior at an
airport in Dublin, Ireland on Sunday night (18Nov07).

It later emerged Rhys Meyers’ mother Geraldine Meyers-O’Keeffe had suffered a
stroke and later died in a Dublin hospital.

On The View, which aired for the first time on Wednesday (21Nov07), Rhys
Meyers thanked his parents for his good looks, telling hosts Whoopi Goldberg,
Joy Behar and Sherri Shepherd, “If someone says, ‘You look good’, I’ll say
thanks, that’s my parents, I had nothing to do with that.”



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  1. LauzG wrote: I feel soo bad for him. It’s hard to beat an addiction and he obviously is trying (went to rehab twice) and now he’s hit with a personal tragedy!

  2. *Twinkle* wrote: He was in Bend it Like Beckham. You’ve probably seen him in that.

    And that is so sad.. 🙁 I just saw him in August Rush and he was wonderful.