Alba Sets A Green Example

Pregnant actress JESSICA ALBA is using her expectant mother status to go

The actress is determined to set a good example for her unborn child, so the
kid will be kind to the environment.

She says, “I drive a Prius (an eco-friendly car), and I try to recycle as
much as I can, I bought a house, and I’m doing all eco-friendly renovations.
Most of my furniture is old, and I’m refurbishing it.

“I’m even taking stuffing from old couches and making my pillows out of that.
Kids are going to do just about anything – I’ve seen them put cockroaches in
their mouths – so I want to make things as non-toxic as possible, within
reason. I’m not going to be a crazy person about it, but I think it’s important
to be aware of it.”



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