McCartney Divorce Settles At 48.6 Million

SIR PAUL McCARTNEY’s ex-wife HEATHER MILLS has been awarded $48.6 million
(�24.3 million) in a divorce settlement.

The couple – who wed in 2002 – failed to reach an agreement last month
(Feb08) and it was left to a London High Court judge to make the final

According to High Court papers, Mills asked for $250 million (�125 million),
but the former Beatle offered her $31.6 million (�15.8 million).

On Monday (17Mar08), Mills was awarded $33 million (�16.5 million) cash with
assets worth $15.6 million (�7.8 million).

Speaking outside the court, Mills said she is pleased with the judgement and
remains friends with her ex-husband: “I am very, very, very happy. I was always
going to get between �20 and �30 million ($40 and $60 million), but Sir Paul
was offering much less than that.

“The judge said Paul was only worth �400 million ($800 million), but everyone
has known he has been worth �800 million ($1.6 billion) for the last 15 years.

“I wasn’t allowed any access into any of our accounts, I was locked out of
every home. I hope now that me and my daughter can have a life and not be
followed every single day. Apart from one TV thing, I have kept silent for 21
months. I wanted to keep it private but he wanted it made public he always
wants to look like he’s generous Sir Paul.”

Mills will not appeal against the judge’s decision, but will appeal on
Tuesday (18Mar08) against the decision to release court papers which disclose
details about the couple’s four-year-old daughter Beatrice.

She adds, “I am standing here because Paul is insistent on the whole judgment
being put out. I’ve said that if the whole judgment goes out then all the
transcripts have to go out because it’s going to be written in a way that they
will try and make it that I wasn’t successful.

“The only reason I’m appealing tomorrow morning… I’m not appealing the
judgment but the publication of it as it includes private secure matters about
my daughter. It’s gone against everything to do with human rights.”

The couple’s divorce case had been held in private, but it is believed the
judge released the agreed figure in a bid to end speculation over the size of
the financial settlement.

McCartney, 65, married Mills, 40, four years after his first wife Linda died
from breast cancer.



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  1. xtremequeen wrote: Pocket change !! 🙂 No really that’s ridiculous ! She shouldn’t have got anything, besides money to take care of their daughter.