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Bosworth: ‘I’m No Gambler’

Bosworth: ‘I’m No Gambler’


Actress KATE BOSWORTH may star in a new film about winning millions in top Las Vegas casinos – but she insists she is not a fan of gambling.

The 21 actress plays a college student who cheats her way to winning big in Sin City but the star is adamant she would never fritter away her earnings on a Roulette wheel.

Bosworth tells New York Daily News, “I’m all or nothing, within a safe boundary. I’ll play blackjack, with a $25 (#12.50) chip, for however long it lasts. I don’t bet big.”

However, Ben Mezrich, who is the author of Bringing Down the House – the basis for 21 – is keener to put down large sums of money on a card game.

He says, “I’m not that big a gambler. You know, only $20,000 (#10,000) here or $30,000 (#15,000) there. I know how to count cards, but I couldn’t walk in and take a casino right now.”


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  1. pierreplover wrote: She’s got the idea. I mean, if you’re going to gamble, set a marker, and not a huge one either. That guy is crazy though, $20,000 gambled away? I’ve never even seen that much money in my life yet.

  2. beesknees wrote: Pretty smart of her! I guess that guy can afford to do that if he knows some tricks that would increase his chances of winning.


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